Try something different today, Pisces.

On this day Arians should abstain from laziness. Don’t be distracted by any meaningless chatter with colleagues at work, then you’ll be able to get a lot done. This evening you will have the chance to rest well in the company of your family members.

On this day Taureans can expect a return to the past. At work you will be assigned a project which you already did some time ago. In the evening you will go for a walk and meet a person who made your heart flutter once upon a time.

On the 8th of November 2016 Geminis will make a big mistake at work. You will entrust this project to your inexperienced colleague, and do more pleasant things yourself. Soon it will become clear that this carelessness has caused you a lot of problems. You’ll have to stay late at work in order to fix all the mistakes your negligent colleague has made.

On this day Cancers will have to worry about the situation prevailing in their personal life. Your significant other will imply that someone else has turned up in their life, and that they are prepared to break up with you. Not accepting this development, you will decide to fight for the one you love by surrounding them with attention and care. Unfortunately this won’t help.

Today Leos will tend towards conservatism. You will go to work wearing some old fashioned outfit. At work you will refuse to use any innovative method, and you will do your work the old school way. In the end you will finish work much later than your colleagues who were open to innovation.

On this day Virgos will be mysterious and dreamy. Even during work hours you will imagine how your relationship is going to develop with the person you met last night. This evening they will actually call you and invite you to dinner. You will be pleasantly surprised by this news, but you’ll soon be disappointed to discover that they are narrow-minded and uninteresting to talk to.

On the 8th of November 2016 Libras will make a very favourable business agreement. The person who becomes your business partner today will have all the characteristics you want to see in a devoted friend. Once you’ve finished the official part of your meeting, you’ll get to know them better as a person, and it will confirm that this is the kind of person you’d like to be friends with.

Today Scorpios will get some sad news about a close friend. You will take time off work in order to help this person get out of their trouble, but this will prove to be more difficult than it seemed at first. You may well have to turn to your high-ranking relative for help.

On this day Sagittarians will make a very important decision. You will stop sitting around idly waiting for your partner to talk about the future of your relationship. You will ask them to talk, and give a clear hint that your lengthy relationship is already worth of recognition at the registry office. This will come out not as a request, but as an ultimatum.

On the 8th of November Capricorns won’t be able to implement even half of their scheduled plans. Minor domestic hassles will get in your way, and you’ll spend all your time dealing with them. Everything going on around you will make a good mood impossible, and so when you get home from work you will start taking it out on your family, until one of them finds the words to calm you down.

Aquarians will be simply unable to answer the question which someone asks them today. Your long-standing partner, tired of living with uncertainty, will ask you to explain if your relationship has a future. You won’t decided to dump this person rudely, but you will have to admit that answering yes doesn’t suit your plans.

On this day Pisces will conduct an experiment on their appearances. Straight after work you will go to the hair salon, show the hairdresser a photo of some celebrity, and ask to get the same haircut. The new image will really suit you, but at the expense of your individuality.