Professional contacts will be very important today, Scorpio.



Aries you will be extremely energetic this morning so don’t let all of this go to waste; get up early and make the most of your day. Any immediate chores or pressing tasks should not be put on the back burner for much longer. Any stresses or worries you’re dealing with might be helped by some sort of activity.


Any Taurus’ born in the month of May are likely to have a particularly good day this Tuesday, as success seems ever more likely! If you and someone you are close to have not been seeing eye to eye lately, then today you should make a conscious effort to try and sort this out!


Gemini, you would be wise to try and forget about the things in your life that are not essential today and instead focus more so on the things which are absolutely necessary. Focusing on the here and now as opposes to the maybe is far more beneficial.


Cancer, unfortunately for you this Tuesday, no matter how hard you try you will not be able to read what your close ones are thinking. It’s better t give up while you’re ahead and not drive yourself crazy trying to figure out someone else’ next move. Your other half will have plenty of wise words and wisdom to share with you also.


If there is one thing Leo should focus on today, it should be taking care of their health! Don’t put this off any longer; there is only so much that anyone can take so it might be about time you start paying more attention to how you’re feeling. Take some time off and do something you enjoy!

Virgo, try to forget about nonsensical worries today, as it’s likely they will not change no matter how much time you spend fussing over them. Therefore, don’t waste your time on meaningless pursuits and instead opt to use your time wisely, on more concrete plans and upcoming projects.


This Tuesday is a good time for Libra to spend a few hours with their parents or close family members; this bonding time will not be for very long however it will have a great impact on your relationship going forwards. Try to get all smaller chores and errands completed before the evening time.

Today Scorpio, you would be wise to pay a lot of attention to your professional endeavours as the contacts you make throughout the day will become essential in days to come. You never know when you are likely to see these people again so put your best foot forwards. Someone’s personal beliefs will have an


A sense of freedom and independence that comes from not having loads of financial worries hanging over your head, si something that Sagittarius will really strive for today. Keep going the way you have been lately and this is likely to be the case. You may find meaning or perhaps get an answer to a question, is somewhere very unusual.


Capricorn, lucky for you today the plans you have made (well in advance) are likely to go ahead as you have been hoping for. Any resources you have at your disposal will not go to waste as you will find ways to make sure these are utilised to their full potential. Any career developments that you make will be well-deserved.


Aquarius, your aim throughout this Tuesday should be to endeavour to remain strong, reliable and predictable. The last one is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows people to know where they stand with you, thus making others more relaxed in your company. This is especially important if you want to avoid any unpleasantness.


While the future seems like a long way off, Pisces might be about to discover that this is not necessarily the case today. Therefore it would be a good idea for you to make some plans for the yeas ahead, sooner rather than later. Luckily you will not be led by your emotions, allowing you to make very wise and well thought out decisions.