Tell people to mind their own business today, Cancer!


Aries, be careful what you say to other people throughout the day this Tuesday, or particularly how you say it! You may not feel like having an argument with someone and instead will opt to talk through things calmly and in an orderly fashion.


You will be able to use your way with words to subtly encourage other people to do, as you want them to, this Tuesday. However don’t take advantage of this and make a laughing stock of someone who trusts you. Consider taking up a new hobby.


You’re in luck today as it looks as though this Tuesday will be a good ne for you! Communicating with friends and colleagues will be something that comes easily to you, so you’re unlikely to face any awkward silences.


Cancer, if there’s someone in your life who always offers you their opinion on a matter, regardless of whether or not you’ve asked for it; then maybe you’ll have to tell them to mind their own business. They might think they are helping and be totally unaware that they’re driving you mad!


This is the perfect day for Leo to get ahead in their career! If you are a businessperson, then the day will provide you with plenty of opportunities to make a profit or perhaps set up some future business contacts that will be useful in the year ahead.


Virgo, if you can at times be accused of acting in a selfish way that doesn’t necessarily take into account the feelings of other people, then today you will have a chance to do something about this. If you don’t feel like making small talk then don’t feel forced.


People know you for your ability to bring a sense of calm to even the most tumultuous of situations. Therefore these traits you possess will be in need at one point or another throughout the day. However, you may begin to feel slightly annoyed by this.


Scorpio, you may be inclined to keep to yourself throughout the day and the thoughts of having to spend time in the company of people you have nothing in common with, is not something which appeals to you. Try not to come across as rude or intolerant.


Use this Tuesday and the perfect time to tell others what you have been wanting to get off your chest for some time now. Don’t hold something in for too long or it may begin to burden you. The opportunity to go on an unexpected adventure of some type, is exactly what you’ve been craving.


Capricorn, you beliefs and opinions will possibly be stronger than they usually are today and therefore to avoid getting into an argument with someone you’re close to, if you find that the conversation’s starting to become a little tense, then it’s best to change the subject.


Use your influence to make a difference throughout the day Aquarius, and stop waiting around for someone else to make it for you. You might be surprised by what you could learn from someone else if you listen to what they’re saying.


Pisces, don’t let your indecisiveness get you into trouble today by your inability to make a quick decision when put on the spot. While you may like to take a very diplomatic approach in all areas, sometimes people need to know you are loyal to them.