Make the most of your opportunities today, Capricorn.



Aries, this Tuesday perhaps you need to be a bit more receptive to the idea of opening up to your friends and colleagues, a little more. You don’t have to tell them every detail of your life, but being honest does help with getting to know people.


If you have a tendency to be set in your ways and respond very poorly to anyone who tries to change this, then if you are in the company of certain people this Tuesday Taurus, it’s likely this stubborn streak in you will only get worse.


Gemini, you won’t be fooled easily this Tuesday and people who try pull the wool over your eyes will get a big shock when they realise you are clued into what they are tying to do. Use your ability to surprise others and put them in their place!


Just because you are a sensitive person by nature and generally take other people’s feelings into account as well as your own this doesn’t necessarily mean that other people will be the same as you. Therefore, don’t let your kindness be considered a weakness.


Leo, aim to be strong, confident and very determined to succeed in anything you undertake this Tuesday. This self-belief and confidence will help you to excel in all areas – believing you can is half the battle. If you are naturally a leader, try to level with others as well.


Regardless of how well your current routine is suiting you, sometimes it’s a good idea to switch things up a bit and what better time to do this than at the start of a new year?! Maybe you could add a new class or hobby into your weekly schedule?


Libra, this Tuesday it seems as though other people will rely on you when it comes to making decisions as their indecisiveness will hinder them being able to find an answer on their own! However be careful with the advice you give, as you don’t want people taking it the wrong way.


It would be wise for Scorpio to have their wits about them this Tuesday and be ready for anything the day might throw at them. The chances of something happening that directly affects you are pretty slim, but it never hurts to be prepared!


Sagittarius, your free spirited nature will be able to run free today and you will not let others keep your creative spirit at bay. Luckily you’re likely to be very independent and will not look for others to keep you company on your adventures.


Use whatever the day has to offer you to your advantage Capricorn. Certain things or situations may not seem all that beneficial at the time, however it’s worth looking ahead and seeing if there is any future potential.


Aquarius, you are likely to have lots of good ideas this Tuesday and many of which will benefit not just yourself but the people around you too. Convincing these people that your new concepts are worth trying, might be a difficult task.


Be careful of people who seem to friendly too quickly; most people will be genuine and mean well, however a small portion will have ulterior motives and may be using your friendliness to their own advantage. Don’t let a convincing argument be enough for someone to change your mind on a particular topic.