Things are looking good for you and your partner today, Taurus. 



The day will bring with it some inconsistencies and you will have to become pretty adaptable. However you may find it more difficult than usual to get your chores done. If you have a habit of overreacting then you will need to get this under control in order to fulfill your future plans. Try to think of other people before yourself more often.


Relations between you and your partner or spouse will be particularly friendly today and you will feel very in love. Unexpected meetings and surprising findings will become very useful to you throughout the day Taurus. Being social and having a good time with friends and family is a great idea today, as they will enjoy spending time with you too!


Anything you had planned on getting done today will get turned on its head and things could end up completely different to what you were expecting. It’s best to not make any hasty decisions in your working life and don’t consider a career change just yet, Gemini. If you don’t feel well or if there is something to do with your health that is bothering you, get it seen to right away.


Perhaps you feel like you have been walking on egg shells around people lately and if you say or do the wrong thing, there will be all out chaos! Don’t consistently take the blame for everything; you’re not always in the wrong. You might have love on the brain but rushing into a relationship that is not right for you will only cause more heartache in the long run.


In work it is best to look at all new tasks with a positive attitude and enthusiastic spirit; this will also encourage other members of the team to get on board with the new plans too. Your communication with others will be relatively pleasant throughout the day but your sharp instincts will help you to see who is being real and who is better to avoid.


It is possible that your current relationship is not as exciting as it was before and there is no shame in admitting that you no longer feel the way you once did. Do not feel guilty about meeting up with friends and enjoying your life; you have the right attitude and want to have fun. You will have some very interesting conversations today but they may not be the most genuine Virgo, so be cautious.


Getting along with colleagues and the people in your office will be a lot less challenging if you can manage to understand things from their point of view more often. Avoid forcing people to do something if they don’t want to; this will only lead to them resenting you. Don’t be too obvious to the person that you like; let them work a little harder to win your affections.


Think things through a little more if you’re planning on spending large sums of money anytime soon. Financial investments need to be thoroughly scrutinised before any major commitment is made. Grab any opportunity that is offered to you, if it means you will be able to try something new and bring some excitement back into your life. Endeavour to work through any career related problems with a calm and focused approach.


Home life has the potential to be a source of complete bliss and harmony or a place where stress is rife. Try to avoid the latter by being well organised and prepared to handle whatever situation crops up. Any Sagittarius’ born in December are in for a surprise today that will have a big effect on you.


If you want your relationship to work then you have to be prepared to not always get your own way; a little give and take will make a huge difference. Think about how your partner is feeling as opposed to just your own needs and wants. It’s unlikely that something major will happen to you throughout the day, however you should keep an eye out for some smaller, unexpected treats.


Any plans you make to undertake sensible purchases today will be short lived. An alluring item will catch your attention and it will be a struggle to forget about it. If you can, try to use your money wisely and put it towards the things that you can’t actually live without! Regardless of how busy you have been lately set some time apart to spend with friends today because they may need your support.


Be grateful if your spouse or partner is concerned about your well being today; don’t walk away from their worries as as this could potentially cause an argument. You won’t be as confident in work as you usually are today, Pisces. Believe in your own capabilities and avoid making silly mistakes due to the extra pressure. Perhaps it is also a good idea to give yourself more time to rest in the evenings if this is possible.