Use the morning hours for finsihing up household chores today, Capricorn. 



Today you will be feeling particularly romantic and the desire to love and be loved will be stronger than ever. You will also be able to see the good where other people fail to spot it. If you are around someone you’re hoping to impress then be ready to present the best side of you there is! Avoid letting the past stop you from being open to new possibilities in the future.


Try to keep a lid on your emotions today (particularly when out in public) otherwise there is a good chance that you will be led by what you’re feeling and not by what is the right thing to do. An unexpected event could see you receiving some surprise cash today and this will not only help your financial situation, it will go a long way towards improving your mood too.


You have full permission to display your most favourable qualities to the best of your ability today Gemini and these may include your charming nature and friendly personality. If you are taken up with revision or business matters, then today looks like it will be successful for these efforts. There may be ill feelings or a frosty atmosphere building between you and someone you tend to lock horns with.


Before lunchtime you may be in contact with an important person, or equally spend some vital time alone, that will be crucial to the decisions you make for the rest of the day. Perhaps there are some matters in the workplace that need to be dealt with immediately – do not delay in finding a solution to these problems. If things have not been going your way lately then be hopeful that your luck could be about to change very soon.


If you and your other half have been having more than your fair share of rows lately, then consider if you actually like the person they are or who they have become. If your feelings have not changed then get to work on figuring out a solution. Avoid responding to criticism with a personal jibe or remark; this will not do you any favours in the long run. Your finances will need to be managed carefully over the next few days.


In order to be especially productive today Virgo, and early start and a focused mind will be completely necessary. The morning hours will be particularly good for solving the more difficult and challenging dilemmas of the day. Workwise, the intuitive nature you possess will go a long way towards your advancement in the company, so always try to better yourself and your ideas.


Your relationship could bring with it lots of good moments but also lots of stresses today Libra, so it’s best take things one-step at a time. The surprise and possibly even romantic moments, will be very special. If being the center of attention is something you despise, then there is nothing wrong with keeping your head down and getting the job done without any fuss.


While it’s great to take other peoples’ feelings and sensitivities into consideration, be wary you are not being too generous and that people don’t try and take advantage. Friends may think you’re always free to attend whatever party or shindig they’re hosting, but put your foot down if it does not fit in with your schedule. Concentrate on being who you are now and not who you used to be in the past.


Today is the perfect opportunity to team up with someone you work with and aim to create a something brilliant, from a joint effort. Love might be on your mind and you will make an extra effort to get noticed by someone you have had your eye on recently. Rest assured that any issues which have been causing you unnecessary stress lately, will work themselves out today.


Morning hours or anytime before lunch should be used for finishing up household chores or day to day work that you have been putting on the back-burner for some time. Regardless of how limited you are by your current financial standpoint, do not let this stop you from being creative and coming up with fresh ideas. Family connections and friendships will also improve greatly today, Capricorn.


Despite feeling particularly emotional today Aquarius, you should not be led astray by the more beautiful things in life. These may improve your mood right now but chances are you will still feel the same way tomorrow. Use your ability to stay composed under stressful situations to your advantage in order to think clearly. If you and someone close have fallen out in the last few days, try to make amends.


Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and if you have an important interview coming up or there is someone in a position of power that you want to impress, then it is wise to look the part – it could be an investment in your future after all. If there is something going on in your personal life that needs to be taken care of then the morning time is the most suited to tackling this.