Gemini could experience some tension and confrontation today. 



This Tuesday looks like it will be successful for any Taurus’ who are planning on furthering their education in another country or perhaps even working on an important business project. Your communication skills will be extremely professional and effective today also. Regardless of your successes, don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you’re unsure of what to do.


While it’s great to remain on good terms with the people you work with, it is unlikely that you will become best friends. When things get tough this is when you will see people’s true personality come to life; those you thought you could rely on for anything may let you down and other people may surprise you with their support.


Gemini may find themselves in the middle of an argument today where they may be caught in a battle of words with their other half or perhaps even their boss. The reasons behind this confrontation may simply be a difference of opinions or it might be due to a number of issues that have annoyed both of you, in different ways. Try not to take on too much over the next few days as you are likely to have enough to deal with as it is.


Relations may be strained and the atmosphere a little tense in your place of work today Cancer, however this is likely to pass soon enough. However, it may spur you on to finally do something you have always wanted such as travelling or considering other career prospects. Socialising and meeting up with friends and family will be a welcome distraction.


It’s looking like Leo is going to have a very pleasant day this Tuesday where they will experience good health and a happy frame of mind all day long. You may also find other reasons to look on the bright side of life that you didn’t have previously. Something you have been working very hard on lately may finally start to show sings of becoming fruitful.


Virgo will need to be very cautious with their personal business and particularly when choosing whom to divulge certains aspects of their personal life to. Not everyone who promises you their confidentailty can be trusted. You may also learn something new and it may turn out to be a surprising nugget of information about your other half.


Even though it can be difficult at times, try to remain confident and aware of your own abilities. Don’t let the success of the people around you make you feel as though you are not good enough. Being pleased for others, instead of envious will help you to be happier and more accepting. You never know, great success may also be in store for you!


If Scorpio is going to try and improve their financial situation throughout the day then they would be wise to think outside the box in terms of how to make this happen. Applying your skill set to a difficult situation is generally a good plan, however today it might be a good idea to not rely so heavily on what you think you’re good at and consider other options.


This Tuesday Sagittarius can rest assured in knowing that they will get by without much difficulty if they stick to their instincts when faced with a difficult decision. This is a good rule to apply in any circumstance for that matter. As it happens, it looks like you’ll be in for a relatively uneventful day (in a good way though). You might also find the time to take up a new hobby.


Today is the perfect time to for Capricorn to fully apply themselves to research, study or seeking out any information that is necessary for them to move forwards in their plans. Any leads you get that may be useful you should endeavour to get to the bottom of; however unlikely they may appear to be. You never know where it will get you to in the future.


Perhaps now is the best time for Aquarius to consider carefully the type of people they spend their time with and if these personalities are conducive to success, moving forwards and positivity. Becoming slightly more organised would also be helpful and this could be just the thing you’ve been missing lately. Whoever they are, Aquarius will be eager to talk to new and interesting people.


Gradually you’re becoming more and more flexible and your ability to adapt to various situations is becoming stronger. This will become especially obvious to you throughout the day. You may also notice an increase in your motivation and the want to improve yourself and your current situation. While you may stick your heels in a bit when discussing a particular topic, be cautious that you don’t ostracise yourself in the process.