You’re likely to be in for a very busy day today, Aries.



You might find you are extra busy this Tuesday Aries, with more tasks than usual to finish up by the end of the day. However try not to let it bother you if you don’t manage to complete everything you set out to do. If someone asks something of you, regardless of who they are, only agree to it if you feel that it is the right thing for you to do.


Taurus will notice that they will struggle to feel satisfied and happy with their lot today; a sense of ‘wanting more’ will follow you around also. If you think that you deserve more than you have been given, don’t be too shy to ask for more! If you can afford to splash out and treat yourself every now and then, what’s the harm?


Gemini will endeavour to better their current situation right throughout the day; this might include doing to home renovations, seeking out ways to move up in their career or perhaps even sorting out some issues in their personal life. Be careful that you keep your expectations at a realistic level though.


Unfortunately for Cancer, their belief system and views may be tested today and this could have a lot to do with what they are currently experiencing. Someone around you may give you some reason to doubt them. As a result, following the advice of an unlikely individual may be a decision you choose to make.


Today Leo will have to really think about the decisions they are facing and the choices they will have to make as a result. While in a perfect world we would be able to live comfortably without putting ourselves out too much,however this is not the case for most people. If you’re in need of assistance, don’t be too proud to admit when you could use some extra help.


Even though you are generally able to handle yourself well in any given circumstance, Virgo’s innate ability to critique a situation will not be as strong today – and this may well be when you need it the most! The things in your life that are special and of sentimental value will become even more precious over the next few days.


Stop constantly moving form one thing to another and take the time to relax a little today Libra; you may have a lot on your plate but remember that your health is not to be ignored. Do not put yourself in any dangerous situations either as your good luck cannot be relied upon all of the time.


Regardless of the many, many ideas and upcoming projects that you have been thinking about lately, Scorpio will have to resign themselves to the fact that not all of these will materialise as soon as they would like. If things are not going exactly as you had planned lately, then you should have a bit of a re-think to see if you have forgotten something very important.


Take some time off today Sagittarius and live in the moment a little bit more. Fun cannot exactly be scheduled into a time slot so allow yourself to enjoy things as they happen and make a conscious effort to be more present. You might also find that your are making halves of yourself in order to make everyone happy.


Capricorn, you are likely to have lots to think about today and indeed over the next few days. What is happening around you, in the community and at home also, will become your primary concerns. Anyone who works in the area of science and or anything to do with the more spiritual elements of life, are likely to have a very successful day.


Aquarius will be very focused on anything that will improve their health and indeed any activity that will make positive changes to their life. Sorting out any financial issues that you have been dealing with lately and making sure you are in a comfortable position, money wise, will require some time throughout the day. Don’t be tempted to cut corners!


Pisces would be wise to adopt a more modest and less arrogant approach when dealing with and communicating with others throughout the day. Not only can this attitude be off-putting for other people, it can be a very difficult pretence to constantly keep up. You may have to lend your support and advice to someone who could use some extra help and this will allow you to see things from a different perspective.