Sticking to a plan will be a challenge today, Cancer.



Aries, don’t be too surprised if you begin to experience some change today and indeed over the next few days. While this can be a little daunting and you may not be sure of what to expect, try to embrace these new things in your life. Your willpower might also be out to the test.


Your career goals and sense of determination will be as strong as ever today Taurus; seeking out the information you require will be pretty straightforward and foreign business deals should all go to plan. Any trips you take are likely to be successful also.


Gemini, even though you may be keen on the finer things in life, today might be the day where you’ll have to start watching your spending. Try to come up with a solution so you don’t feel too hard done by. Some time alone to focus on your current tasks could be very helpful.


Despite having the best of intentions, sticking to a plan may be somewhat of a challenge for you today Cancer. Therefore, don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up, just start again and continue as you mean to go on. It’s helpful to err on the side of caution in an new or unfamiliar situation.


Leo, this Tuesday is the time when you’ll have to stop putting things off for another time and finally start getting things done once and for all! If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate in work, you’d be surprised about what a difference a tidy work space can make.


Good news for Virgos this Tuesday, as it seems like their effort and dedication will finally start to pay off. Other people will also begin to take note of your achievements. You will be able to handle your day with relative ease and dealing with problems or sudden changes won’t be a very big deal for you.


Maintaining and indeed forming new professional contacts will be easy for you today Libra. These contacts have the potential to become essential in time to come so make sure you utilise the connections at your disposal. This is also a good tie to revise plans you have made for the future.


Scorpio, if you have something in mind that you’re anxious to complete today, if you work hard enough this should not be too much of a struggle. Business trips and mingling with the right people should have the outcome you were looking for. Endeavour to remain as organised as possible.


Do all that you can to ensure there are no missed opportunities for Sagittarius today. This means that you should constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve and be ready to spot new potential before other people do! Staying on top of your finances is another thing you should keep in mind.


Today has the potential to shed light on some issues that you have been trying to ignore of late; sometimes it’s better to face things head on and deal with them as they appear. Perhaps some of your own insecurities might also be the cause of these problems.


Regardless of your usual organised nature and natural ability get a job done within a specific time frame, today this skill will have significant importance for you Aquarius. Despite the numerous things you will have to figure out throughout the day, family matters will also be something you will have to address when you find a chance.


Pieces, now is not the time to loose track of your plans and to let you mind wander; you may discover that being efficient and cooperative will be of the utmost importance. As this Tuesdays pans out, you will become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Look on this as a learning experience for the future.