Just seeing them in a video together is giving us excited tingles.

Seeing Britney Spears in any video, pre- or post-melt-down, gets us U Mag girls nearly too excited. Anyone else feel like they want to drape a python around their neck whilst simultaneously donning a school uniform and pigtails and sing ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’ in a convertible with three of your best girl friends? Just us?

Well that feeling is officially back but wait, it gets more exciting because one of our new, favourite hip-hop, rap, singers, Iggy Azaelia is joining Britney in a new video for their song Pretty Girls.

The video is set in 1980’s America and contains a lot of leopard print, fluorescent pinks and era-appropriate dancing in nightclubs and cars.

Oh and Britney’s abs are back too. How she does it, we will never know.

Check it out here!