Horoscopes U mag’s resident astrologer Christiana Caeliss gives us the lowdown on what the stars have in store for U birds (and your boys!) over the next two weeks…   Your horoscopes for the fortnight ahead...


22 JUNE-23 JULY Some secrets may be revealed that could shock you and your friends. However, don’t gossip about the news except with those that you really trust. Social connections will help you climb to the next level in work now. Thank those that give you a hand but remember that you’re doing them a favour as well. You could be making a lot of money for other people soon! If HE’S a Cancer… Someone close to him doesn’t approve of his choice of lover for the most stupid of reasons. Thankfully he makes up his own mind!


24 JULY-23 AUGUST Friends may come to you looking for help when it comes to love. Don’t say no but don’t get involved either, let your friend sort it out herself. You don’t want to become the centre of attention for the wrong reasons and that’s what will happen if you butt into a relationship where you know they’ll just be loved up again soon! If HE’S a Leo… He needs to unplug his ears and listen to his own soul before finding a ‘soulmate’. He’s not ready for much right now.


24 AUGUST-22 SEPTEMBER Not everyone is swayed by your words of encouragement; you may have to act before certain people believe in what you say. Don’t hold back from doing what’s right even if you have to push others out of the way. Keep an eye on those that like to cause trouble - at the moment they find you a very attractive target. If HE’S a Virgo… He’s involved with the outer world a lot right now. You won’t see much of him for the next two weeks!


23 SEPTEMBER-22 OCTOBER Items that you’ve been looking for seem to turn up this week but don’t be surprised if someone looks for a finder’s fee! Those who offer to help and then look for a reward should be avoided if possible. Thank them for sticking their hand down the back of the couch, but they haven’t saved the world. It’s simple kindness! If HE’S a Libra… He’s about to try something new and he’s nervous. Reassure him but take care of your own life first. It’s just as important.


23 OCTOBER-22 NOVEMBER You seem to be full of energy right now. Don’t waste this time, take on the world! You have loads to gain and others will be attracted to your confidence. Don’t say no to any invites that might come your way, current events could lead to new opportunities. However, listen to any words of warning. They may not be right but they’ll help to keep you on your toes! If HE’S a Scorpio… You may catch him in a lie. It may even be a small one but if this is a deal-breaker for you, don’t hesitate.


23 NOVEMBER-21 DECEMBER Check your facts before you say anything as you may feel a little sheepish once you realize you’ve made a mistake. You are rarely wrong but one of those times is coming up. You can learn a lot about yourself and others. While this is only a minor upset, it will turn out to be very useful. The comments of others will help you to work out who truly is your friend! If HE’S a Sagittarius… Home cooked meals and quiet nights at home are his MO right now. But he’ll be back to his adventurous self soon!


22 DECEMBER-20 JANUARY There is no need to torture yourself if you can’t see eye-to-eye with someone special. Agree to disagree and slowly walk away. The sooner you take charge of certain situations, the better. ‘That guy’ may crash down to earth because he tends to live in his own dream world. Try to get some exercise whenever you can, it will break up the tension. If HE’S a Capricorn… He feels better when he’s organised. Don’t judge him – take a leaf out of his book instead, it makes life easier!


21 JANUARY-19 FEBRUARY Someone you fancy may have very different tastes to you but give their passions a chance. You may be surprised at your reaction. These same people are likely to satisfy your every need but you may have to give them a hint or two to get them started. Good relationships take time to develop so don’t get disheartened at a slow start! If HE’S an Aquarius… You may see deeper into his heart than ever before. Turns out he’s a big old romantic underneath it all!


20 FEBRUARY-20 MARCH Your life is like an old building, the foundation is fine but you have to make some changes to the fixtures and fittings to be truly happy. There is no harm trying on new interests for size but don’t make a commitment on the very first day. You have a habit of changing your mind and it may take you a while before you truly know what you want! If HE’S a Pisces… He may be quiet for a couple of weeks. He needs these reflective periods to centre himself. Without them, he can become very crabby indeed!


21 MARCH- 20 APRIL Don’t worry if you haven’t had enough ‘sizzling’ days this summer, it isn’t over yet (I’m not talking about the weather!) The opposite sex are very interested in you but won’t approach until you give them the all clear. That saves you a lot of hassle if you’re coupled up but those Aries that are single may have a problem. If HE’S a Aries… He’s not planning on giving up. He will fight for the woman he loves until he wins her heart (is that you?)


21 APRIL-20 MAY You could trip up over the next few days if you overlook the small details. If you fail you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. However, you can easily put things right as long as you admit that you were wrong. From now on do things the right way or not at all. Life becomes easier when you check the details once in a while! If HE’S a Taurus… He may ask you to go to a wedding with him and get caught up in the excitement. He’s still thinking along the lines of forever.


21 MAY-21 JUNE The actions of someone special could really cheer you up and nourish your soul. Sometimes the positive energy that others have gives us that boost that we need. Things will improve for you over the next few weeks. Old friends may find themselves in a pickle and need a hand quite soon. Pass on the love! If HE’S a Gemini… There are some things that kill love quickly. Acting with you like he does with his mates is one of them. Put him in his place.