What's in store this fortnight... Horoscopes U mag’s resident astrologer Christiana Caeliss gives us the lowdown on what the stars have in store for U birds (and your boys!) over the next two weeks… Jennifer Lawrence is 24 on 15 August...


24 JULY-23 AUGUST The basics of the male mind can puzzle even the most experienced woman! You think you know everything and up pops a surprise. Don’t overreact to what someone of the opposite sex says over the next few days. He feels a lot differently than what may appear to be the case. The problem is that he can’t put his feelings together into a coherent sentence! Communicate your own feelings and see how he reacts. A little honesty and openness will go a long way. If HE’S a Leo… He’s super focused right now and will have his mind on his goals. While annoying, there is something to learn from his habits!


24 AUGUST-22 SEPTEMBER Influences beyond your control could cause you hassle. However, don’t throw caution to the wind either. Ambition could lead you into conflict if you let it get out of control. Look after your own needs but don’t neglect the desires and dreams of others you care about. Lovers and friends may start to drift away if you don’t pay them the attention that they deserve. If HE’S a Virgo… He’s figured out how to help others while he does what makes him happy. He is happier than you’ve seen him for ages!


23 SEPTEMBER-22 OCTOBER Try to get as much rest as possible. Others are pushing you to your breaking point, and they know it! They have no problem using up all your energy for you, so you’ll have to stand up for yourself. There is a rebel somewhere inside of you. Look for that feisty free spirt and don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. You don’t always have to be the peacekeeper! If HE’S a Libra… He’s a bit down because he’s not doing as well materially as he’d like. He still hasn’t accepted the recession!


23 OCTOBER-22 NOVEMBER You always seem to be searching for something. However once you reach your goal it doesn’t feel as good as you expected. You will find what you want eventually but you’re not going to succeed until you look a bit further away. Those around you have a small world view and their advice reflects the way that they think. Don’t ignore what they have to say. If HE’S a Scorpio… He has a lot of emotional healing to do that he’s ignored. This keeps him closed down.


23 NOVEMBER-21 DECEMBER You may be tempted to sit back and take it easy, but that will only give your rivals a chance to catch up. You do need a break but don’t take it just yet. Use your ability to multitask and get things done as soon as possible. Tie up all the loose ends that might pop up, it’s the little things that usually hold you back just when you think you are free! The advice of family members is welcome. If HE’S a Sagittarius… He’s being his own best friend right now and may seem that he doesn’t need you... he actually WANTS you.


22 DECEMBER-20 JANUARY You have been known to be impatient in the past, but in recent times you have learned to calm down and accept events as they happen. Others can’t help being late if things are out of their control. Show a little understanding and everything should be fine. However if you let your intolerant side out you may find that others turn against you and your ideas right quick! If HE’S a Capricorn… He is coming across as arrogant, when really he is just having a shy moment!


21 JANUARY-19 FEBRUARY New people and new places make life a lot more exciting. However there is a lot to be said for those that have been around you for years. Don’t exclude anyone as you move into the next chapter of your life. Those that are upset easily could cause you some hassle over the weekend. Listen to what they have to say but don’t offer solutions. If they listened to you in the first place, they wouldn’t be in this position! If HE’S an Aquarius… Right now he’s giving all he can. You may have to think carefully about whether you want to continue or not.


20 FEBRUARY-20 MARCH Some people that you talk to have a way of draining your brain. You know who I mean!  Try to avoid them this week and talk instead to those that have shared your ideas in the past. They should help you to work out what you want and how to get it. Romantically the opposite sex doesn’t have very much to offer at the moment. Don’t worry, your options will improve as the summer wears on! For now, put your head down and take care of business. If HE’S a Pisces… Give it up. You’re never going to read him easily. The best you can do is accept him as he is. That’s exactly what he needs anyway.


21 MARCH- 20 APRIL You may have entertained thoughts of a painful nature about certain people around you. Who hasn’t? However, you’re unlikely to get the sympathy of a judge or jury if you go through with such an act! Especially if the heinous offense was that they made your tea the wrong way. Learn to accept the small faults that others may have. They have to put up with yours. This impatience you have with other people could lead to days of loneliness. If HE’S a Aries… You suggest something adventurous like skinny-dipping, he’ll light up like fireworks! And won’t be able to keep his hands off you!


21 APRIL-20 MAY You have the ability to get your point of view across right now. The power you have to control words and ideas is especially strong during everyone’s downtime. Don’t waste this chance to get what you deserve. Those that care about you will support you. However your fair weather friends could disappear for a few days. It’s a great time to start new project and new journeys, both real and metaphorical. If HE’S a Taurus… His past is still in charge of his heart. There’s nothing you can do but show him that the present is good.


21 MAY-21 JUNE Take care of those tasks that you’ve been putting off in recent times. You can delay the tough jobs for as long as you want but you’ll have to do them sooner or later. Your financial situation could improve if you pay attention to your gut instinct. There is no point listening to those that have tripped you up in the past. Not that much has changed. Try to relax regularly however. Things are not going to improve just because you sweat a lot more! If HE’S a Gemini… Something is bothering him and until he figures it out, he’s not going to let it go. Leave him be.


22 JUNE-23 JULY There may be a tendency for you to go to extremes over the next few days. Wait a while before you do anything that you regret. You tend to exaggerate a lot when you’re around certain people. There is no harm telling others a little white lie or two but remember what you say! They may ask you to repeat your tale sooner than you think. Consider that being yourself may be enough! If HE’S a Cancer… He still hasn’t discovered what kind of man he is. Until he does he’s not going to be able to be the kind of man you want either!