You in?

Whether you're a sucker for Valentine's Day or find the whole thing rather nauseating, there's one thing we can all agree on: Galentine's Day is the best thing about February 14. 

It's the perfect excuse to get the squad back together, hang out, drink cocktails, eat junk food and watch iconic movies. Whether you're single or have a special someone, spending Valentine's day with your girls is the way to go. Think about it, you spend every other minute with your S.O. and date nights can happen whenever you please but spontaneity is not a language girl gangs speak. That's why arranging to spend Valentine's day together is the perfect option and hey, if your bae has already gone and made some elaborate dinner plans...you can always celebrate Galentine's Day a day late. 

So lucky for you and your gals, cinemas across Ireland understand just how important Galentine's day truly is and are screening some of the best rom-coms ever made. So text that group chat and get booking! 

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze, popcorn, an iconic dance scene you can recreate with your besties afterwards? Win. 

Where: Omniplex Cinemas

When: Feb 14 & Feb 15

Sleepless In Seattle 

A four-course dinner, an in-house pianist, a private screening of Sleepless in Seattle and homemade popcorn may sound like the date of your dreams and it is...with your mates.

Where: Brooks Hotel

When: Fen 14

Call Me By Your Name

Okay, so granted...it's not exactly a rom-com as it's more a romantic drama but you still get a love story, there's THAT scene with the peach and it stars Timotheé Chamalet so, what more could you want?

Where: The Lighthouse Cinema

When: Feb 14

Nothing Hill

Name a more iconic rom-com actor than Hugh Grant, we'll wait. 

Where: Cineworld

When: Feb 14


If your girl squad dates all the way back to your school days then take a trip down memory lane for old times sake and watch Casablanca. You'll feel like your back in English class, studying for you Leaving Cert...only this time, you'll enjoy it. 

Where: Triskel Arts Centre

When: Feb 14

That's our plans sorted. 

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