Be My Valentine?

Be My Valentine?

Handmade by yours truly xo

Unpopular opinion but we actually like Valentine's Day. We mean sure, you can argue it's a day invented for greeting card companies so they can make money and sure, it sucks if you're single but it's the one day of the year where love can truly conquer all.

Not buying that? Yeah, us neither. The real reason we can't get enough of Valentine's day is all down to our favourite past time: reading memes. The lead-up to Feb 14 truly brings out a certain kind of humour that we're just not subject to the rest of the year. That's why this year, we've created the ultimate roundup of V-day memes.

So whether you're feeling brave and plan to confess your love or you want to remind your BFF how much she means to you or you just fancy a giggle for yourself, here are 23 Valentine's Day meme cards all millennials will love. 

You're welcome. 

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