Most likely not two for a euro.

If we won the lotto, we'd pay Roz Purcell to move in and cook for us. The Tipperary-born model and cookbook author knows a good eat when she sees it.

The health conscious former Miss Ireland is known for putting a spin on classic comfort foods - and her latest project reinvented a true staple of the Irish diet. 

Faux, meatless saussie rolls may not sound like your cup of tea, but let's be real, the usual crumbling parcels of deli-bought goodness are hardly the healthiest thing for you to put in your gob! Enter Purcell's lighter, more nutritious take - which combines wholesome ingredients like chickpeas and nuts with spices. The best part? She opts for pre-made puff pastry, making this meal quick and easy to prepare.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below, and visit the full recipe and ingredients list on Purcell's Natural Born Feeder website here.

[Note: The Happy Pear twins also tried their hand at vegan sausage rolls, as did Jamie Oliver protégé Kerryann Dunlop.]