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Just when we thought we've had our yearly fill of drama-causing retrogrades (Mars, Pluto Mercury, Uranus, Neptune have all gone and done a 180 already this summer), now Venus – the planet ruling over love, money, beauty and harmony  – is offish shifting into reverse. 

But what does that really mean, like IRL terms? 

Remind us what a retrograde is again? 

It’s when a planet appears to move backwards (east to west) in the sky, during its loop of the sun. However, this is just an illusion. When a planet is in retrograde—meaning that from the vantage point of Earth, it appears to be spinning backward –  it's just overtaken Earth on its orbit, resulting in a shift in perspective from our side.

Retrogrades have been written about in astrology circles as far back as the mid-18th century, and are believed to affect people’s lives in a number of (often very inconvenient) ways.

How is Venus' backspin believed to affect us?

Every 18 months, sensual Venus—the planet that rules love, harmony and compassion, reverses into retrograde motion. The six-week slowdown, this time around falling between October 5th and November 16th, can mean a tricky period for relationships. Those in the know   advise against proposals, weddings, and any major relationship moves during this 4-6 week period, while tabloid headlines blare about “Shocking Celebrity Splits!” and our closest ties can be tested.

Undertaking new financial commitments or launching a new business isn’t recommend either, when Venus goes rogue, but on a more positive note, it can the perfect time to heal any issues in your relationship or blocks to love. Recognize when you’re in the wrong match and move on. Gain closure with an ex…or reunite if the timing is better. Make peace with a woman in your life.

October 10th is a date to put in your diaries, as Venus will square the planet Mars. Expect the possibility of anger, lack of self-control and impulsiveness – if single, be wary of lowering your standards to meet an increased sex drive, and if coupled up, remember affairs and arguments may be more likely.

Still curious? Here's how this Venus retrograde will affect all 12 signs. 

LIBRA: Arguments about money could erupt while Venus backs through your financial house until 31st October 31. Tension could flare with coworkers or a client. Lock up those credit cards: Impulse purchases could lead to buyer’s remorse.

SCORPIO: Time for a break? You need space to reconnect with your needs while Venus backs through your sign until 31st October. If you’re not feeling beautiful, desirable or magnetic, get really clear about what’s blocking that, and change your focus.

SAGITTARIUS: Until 31st October, Venus is in your 12th house of closure and illusions. Clean up your own romantic backyard instead of projecting blame on a mate or looking for the holy grail of lovers. Watch for rifts in your social circle in November.

CAPRICORN: Collaboration chaos? A team could lose steam as Venus backspins through your group sector. Experimenting with an open relationship or online dating could also go awry, so tread (and swipe) lightly. Watch out for office politics after 31st October.

AQUARIUS: With Venus retrograde in your paternal zone, resolve childhood dynamics before they taint your current relationship. After 31st October, you crave freedom. Honour your independent spirit, but don’t trample someone’s needs in your quest for ‘space’.

PISCES: The world is usually your romantic oyster, but you may feel totally out of sync with new people until 31st October, while Venus retrogrades through your 9th house of expansion and risk-taking. Committed Pisces could feel claustrophobic now.

ARIES: Venus backs through your two committed relationship zones, making you second-guess a partner or rethink an arrangement. Couples’ therapy could be helpful. Single Aries could use this time to really think about what you want from a partner.

TAURUS: Love, take two? Partnerships get an overhaul, or at least, a little time under the microscope. You could struggle to feel in sync with others, or might finally bring up a sticking point. Be proactive and solution-oriented instead of just complaining or blaming.

GEMINI: Venus retrograde in your health house could incite stress-fueled body image issues or remind you to get back in touch with the ‘temple for your soul’ by nourishing yourself and moving regularly. Find healthy outlets for channelling frustration.

CANCER: Drama alert! Venus in your hotheaded (and hot-blooded) sector until 31st October makes you a loose cannon ready to fire. An ex-flame could contact you; proceed with caution to avoid messy entanglements.

LEO: Home is where the heat is until 31st October 31, as a cranky Venus camps in your domestic house. Issues with a female family member or roommate could flare. Double down on the self-care and affirming mantras, as your moods may swing wildly.

VIRGO: Playing devil’s advocate is a dangerous game while Venus reverses through your communication house until 31st October 31. Choose your battles, and your words, to avoid burning bridges. Once November rolls around, avoid borrowing or loaning funds.

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