She gives us serious fashion inspo and now that she's a Thomas Sabo ambassador we don't see that getting anything but worse! But what can we really learn from the woman behind InTheFrow?

Victoria Magrath from InTheFrow is the first in a series of new brand ambassadors Thomas Sabo will be working with over the next few seasons. And what has she learned along the way?

What's the best advice you were given starting out?

I think it was from my best friend who I lived with when I started my blog, and she told me that I just needed to relax and be myself. As soon as I did, I feel like everything fell into place.

What do you know now you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

I wish I had known about blogging a lot lot earlier than I ever did, as I would have loved to have started it years previous to when I started. But everything happens for a reason. Otherwise, I wish I had known that not everyone is going to like you, no matter how nice of a person you are. Not everyone likes the juiciest peach in the punnet.

What has been your biggest learning curve?

There have been many learning curves. Sometimes about myself and what I'm willing to do for my career, others regarding networking and the person you need to be to move forward in this industry. But for me, the biggest learning experience has been - how to work alongside your partner every single day, whilst living with them in a tiny flat in London. That's a test for sure.

How do you keep moving forward?

I have always been a workaholic and someone who is never satisfied with where she is at. So I am always looking to better my best.

What are you most proud of to date?

There have been many things, from beauty ambassadorships to my face on billboards to such amazing jewellery collaborations such as this one with Thomas Sabo. But I think for 2018, releasing my first book, The New Fashion Rules, has been one of my greatest achievements and something I never dreamed of. And releasing my own handbag range with Strathberry in early 2018 was an enormous highlight.

What is it like working with Thomas Sabo?

It is a dream come true, it honestly is. The team are wonderful, their vision is exciting, they are open and eager to try new ideas and I am so happy to be on this journey with them.

What's next for you?

My book comes out on November 1st, so that is super exciting for me and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks. And following that, I just want to continue creating new concepts and ideas for my amazing partners such as Thomas Sabo.

What's your big ambition at the moment?

I suppose my biggest ambition would be to continue growing my own brand Inthefrow and to maybe launch something of my own. Watch this space!

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