Rixo London dress

Rixo London dress

Let us introduce you to Dancing Leopard instead then.

Fashion favourite Rixo London has been gaining major traction over the last while. After only a few years on the scene they've managed to create an instantly recognisable aesthetic that's become an current classic. Their dreamy print dresses are top of everyone's wishlist at the moment. It seems every fashion insider worth their salt has been snapped in one of their eye catching creations, and we've got serious wardrobe FOMO. They've managed to nail the perfect combo of cool, pretty and flattering with their designs and we want in on the action. 

High Street Hit

But if the Rixo London price tag is a little out of your budget, Dancing Leopard may just be the brand you've been waiting for. Also London based and just as fab, Dancing Leopard are plugging the gap between what we want, and what we can realistically afford. But do they measure up?

Midi dresses in fab stand out prints? Check. 

Stepping out of Monday ??✨ #streetstyle #styling

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Super high split to maximise leg on show? Yep!

Add some magic to your Monday with the Jagger Dress ??? #ootd #styling

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Perfect print wrap dresses? You bet!

So how much will they set you back? You're looking at around £50, which is a hell of a lot more affordable than the few hundred you'd be dropping on a Rixo. 

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Happy shopping!