Sure you have to eat and drink right?! You\'re wasting money!

Sure you have to eat and drink right?! You're wasting money!Getty

Do you ever feel like money just slips through your fingers without you even noticing? Well, it's not all in your head - you probably are. But we know how you can cut back and save big time. 

Everyone wastes money from time to time, but when it happens frequently it can become a problem. But sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Sure everyone knows about bringing your own lunch to work and curbing your coffee habit, but what if you like it? We're here to show you how to cut corners and save, without even noticing. 

Paying for a gym membership you don’t use

Let's face it, we all join gyms with the best of intentions. We plan on working out three times a week before work and twice in the evening so it doesn’t even interfere with our day. And we do pretty well for the first few weeks, but then life gets in the way and we go less and less until we realize we haven’t been in four months. Stop lying to yourself and wasting precious cash. If you’re not going to make it to the gym anytime soon just cancel your membership. It doesn’t mean you have to stop working out or being active - just try different ways to work it into your day. Like bringing your running gear to work and jogging home - you have to get there somehow, you may as well get your workout in when you’re at it!

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Not planning your meals

If you’re guilty of doing a big weekend shop with no rhyme or reason to it, you’ve probably thrown away your fair share of food you never got around to eating. This is a pretty easy one to solve though - just sit down for 20 minutes on a Sunday and make a loose plan for what you’re going to eat this week. You don’t even have to spend the whole day doing meal prep if you don’t want to. Just look through your press and fridge and see what you have already, make a general plan of what you will make for the week then do one shop to fill in the gaps. Not rocket science but will save you loads in the long run.

Not reviewing your contracts

This is one hell of a boring job but if you put aside a few hours one day and review what you’re signed up for and what better offers are out there you can bank some serious cash. Signed up to a tv/phone/internet deal and only use the internet? Sort that shit out! Similarly, if you moved in somewhere and never bothered to shop around you could be paying way over the odds for your gas and electricity. It’s a crap job but once you tackle it you’ll be set up of the year.

Paying cash on public transport

If you throw in a few euros every time you get the bus or train and don’t think about it you might as well be throwing that money in the bin. Leap cards are not only way handier, but they’re cheaper to use. They also have caps on them so you can’t go over a certain amount every week, depending on which forms of transport you use. Even if you use a mix of bus, DART, and Luas you can’t go over €40 a week which could be way less than you’re paying in loose change every day.

Not being familiar with your bank charges

There are loads of ways you can leak money from your bank without even realizing. If you go into an overdraft without having it approved you could incur a serious fine. Likewise, some banks charge per transaction so you’d be better off taking out cash once and using it for the week instead of endlessly tapping your card without a second thought. Check in with your bank to see what you’re being charged for and adjust your spending habits accordingly.

Buying bottled water

Besides being an asshole to the planet, buying plastic bottles of water is the definition of a total waste of money. Studies have shown that the chemicals from the plastic make their way into the water so it’s not even that good for you. Get a BPA free reusable bottle and get used to tap water. It’s grand, we promise.

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