Don’t be disheartened by the hurdles and stumbling blocks you encounter, Taurus. 



Aries will be busy worrying about getting things under control at home in the morning hours and won’t have time to focus on much else. However, by the time the afternoon arrives you will be free to explore new avenues and look into developing some ideas and hobbies of your own. You are likely to be the one that people come to when looking for advice.


Taurus should take advantage of any free time they get in the morning hours and use it to rest or catch up on some badly needed sleep. If you have had a lot on your mind lately then try to find someone that you can talk things through with – it might not be as bad as you think. Stumbling blocks are to be expected in life so don’t become too disheartened by them.


Gemini would be wise to try and figure out all of the smaller, but still relevant, things that have been bothering them lately. Use the start of the day – when you’re at your freshest and most alert – to deal with household tasks and chores. It’s perfectly OK to dream about and look forward to the future, just make sure that you don’t forget about the here and now.


Cancer will have to slowly ease themselves into work this morning as they may not be feeling the most energetic or ready to get things done in the early hours. If you’ve spent a lot of time working on a project and things begin to fall through at the last minute, then your mood could be affected as a result. Any Cancerians’ born in June are likely to have a hectic afternoon ahead of them.


You may find it hard to remain focused and concentrate on the task at hand throughout the day Leo. This could be simply because you’re having a bit of an ‘off-day’ or because the people around you are a constant interruption. It’s best to hold off on starting any new ventures for a little while because you will want to give them every chance to be successful.


Virgo will have a lot to get done in the morning hours, so they will have to make a conscious effort to knuckle down and get things finished! The trials and tribulations of other people will not bother you as you will have enough to focus on. The chance to meet new people and explore new opportunities will be very appealing.


The early afternoon and evening hours of this Wednesday are the best times for Libra to consider starting something new. In the morning time some peace and quite or the chance to take stock and assess things for what they are will bring you a lot of comfort. You may decide that you would like to pursue a creative venture or something you have always been passionate about.


Reading people and trying to figure out what they’re thinking will be a big challenge for you today Scorpio. As a result, you may feel slightly uncomfortable in certain situations. Don’t be too trusting as not everyone is as honest as they appear to be. You will have a real sense of determination and conviction throughout the day.


Sagittarius should concentrate on finishing important tasks in the morning time as this is when they will be able to concentrate the most and seek out any imperfections that could do with some tweaking. Sometimes, regardless of how much planning we do, things simply just do not go to plan.


You might find that you’re a little on edge and tense in the beginning of the day and as a result you might end up being a little snappy with the people around you. This is especially likely for any Capricorn’s who were born in January. Try as you may, a difference of opinions is very difficult to change, especially if neither party is willing to compromise.


Aquarius will be able to relax and take a deep breath today, as much of the stress they have been under the past few weeks is likely to disappear. If you’re going back and forth with an idea and not sure about what to do it, then don’t rush into making a decision or committing yourself to something you’re not ready for.


The people you are in communication with or in the company of will not be their usual selves today and as a result you may be feeling slightly uneasy. Your other half might be acting a little strange too. Try to forget about the smaller things that annoy you; in the long run they probably won’t matter as much as they do now. The more generous side of your personality will be present all day.