Share your happiness with the world, Virgo.


You can afford some R&R and enjoy interacting with the people whose company you appreciate. You may unexplainably enjoy being in a large crowd, with unusual people, and in a new environment.


This is not a very suitable moment for energetic individual activities and decisive actions. But there are some areas where it is time for you to finally arrive at a more or less reliable, solid conclusion.


When dealing with your loved ones, you should show some aesthetics and courteousness. Such human qualities as mysteriousness, secretiveness, progressiveness, and uniqueness may intrigue you.


Your secret interests and hopes may surface today. You will feel more comfortable if you have got a corner where you may indulge in dreaming and fantasizing in complete solitude.


When going somewhere, don’t forget that today your need in comfort, suitable psychological atmospheres, and aesthetic arrangement of all contacts is getting stronger.


If you are in a good mood, you should share it with others. This will help you prolong pleasant sensations and preserve faith in better future.


All day long the Scales will be prone to idealizing either themselves or people around them. Your children, friends, loved ones, and confederates will seem the best in the world.


No matter how much you would want to know your partner’s decision, you will most likely not be apprised of it. The chances are, you will have to figure out on your own what others think of you.


When interacting with partners, friends, relatives, and occasional companions, you should not force anything out of them even if those are the things you have absolute – legal – right to know.


Try to find as much positive and inspiring in your recent achievements, acquaintances, and contacts. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on problems – you will have a better time to ponder on them.


Your ideas of other countries and people from distant regions may become too exaggerated and torn from reality. 


Politics of non-intervention, peaceful coexistence, friendliness, and mutual understanding will be prompted to you by both intuition and common sense, letter of law and voice of your heart.