You may not be feeling your best today, Cancer.



Aries, you will be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to your work ethic this Wednesday. No task will seem to big or too small for you to handle and give 100% too. In the evening hours you’ll be anxious to entertain family and friends.


Achieving your goals and exceeding expectations is something Taurus will get very used to, today. Career wise, things will be going extremely well and you’ll really begin to see the benefits of all the hard work you’ve been putting in lately.


Gemini, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm all throughout the day, and some people who fail to see the bright side like you do, may be irritated by your good mood. Ignore this and don’t let it bother you. Be a shepard and not a sheep; try something new and others will soon follow.


Unfortunately it looks like Cancer may be feeling somewhat down and out this Wednesday. Meeting someone from your past, who doesn’t necessarily stir up good memories may be the reason behind you feeling this way.

Leo, good news for you this Wednesday as it’s likely you will get some news you’ve been waiting to hear for a long time now. This may have something to do with you, or a relative whom you are particularly close to. This will make your work day go by really fast!


Today may bring with it certain challenges and obstacles for you to overcome Virgo. This my be as a result of some news you hear that will affect you personally or perhaps even a member of your family. Whatever the reason, you will do everything you can to make things right.

Concentrating properly and focusing on one thing at a time is something Libra is likely to find difficult this Wednesday. You may have a lot going on presently that will make it difficult for you to think clearly. A hard day’s work will see a task being finished earlier than expected.


Scorpio, you may begin to notice some changes and differences in your relationship this Wednesday, particularly if you’ve gotten married recently. It’s also possible that some more exciting changes will be on the way over the next few months!


Sagittarius may become victim to some rumors or gossip today. However don’t let this idle chit chat stop you from going about your daily routine as normal. However people generally don’t warm to those who think they’re above everyone else.


Something pretty staggering will most certainly shock you and leave you feeling uncertain today, Capricorn. As a result you may look to your friends and family for guidance and support about what to do next. If you’re asked for an honest opinion, you’ll find it difficult to hold back.


Aquarius will take on some very challenging tasks this Wednesday and it’s likely that one or more of these will be creatively or artistically focused. Because of this, you’ll be really excited to tell others about your day. Party planning is something that may take your fancy.


Perhaps you will finally give in and take a risk on starting a new venture. This might be opening up a new business with a friend, or doing something independently. Even if you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with everyone you work with, it’s worth at least trying to make an effort.