Think outside the box when problem solving, Pisces.



Aries you will not be afraid to tell people how they really feel today and their honesty may even be a little shocking to others. However if you’re of the opinion that honesty is the best policy, this will not include you.


Sometimes being too stubborn and not willing to compromise is seen as a weakness, however this Wednesday this may actually be your saving grace Taurus, as you will not back down or sacrifice what you think is right!


Gemini, your ability to find the humor in even the most uncomfortable of situations will stand by you today and your quick-fire nature may be useful in an argument. That said, if you’re struggling to make up your mind about something this will be a hindrance.


The task of making things right between family and friends will, unfortunately, fall on your shoulders this Wednesday Cancer. You may be called upon to be somewhat of a mediator between others and their disagreements.


Leo, even though your intentions will be good, it seems as though the more you try to solve someone else’s problems today, the more damage you will end up doing. This might be a lesson to let people work things out for themselves.


If you have an easygoing nature and are not one to be offended easily Virgo, then the chances of a bust-up taking place between you and someone else are very unlikely this Wednesday. Don’t allow your curiosity to get the best of you.


Libra, while you may be eager to offer a helping hand to someone who looks like they could do with your support, this Wednesday you may have to learn the hard way, that sometimes these things are best left alone.


Regardless of what’s going on around you throughout the day Scorpio, you will not allow yourself to be dragged into arguments and fights between others. Instead, you will opt to remove yourself from the situation and awkward atmosphere.


Sagittarius, your ability to speak to people and really get through to them, making clear and relevant points, will be very obvious this Wednesday. Your natural charm and easy in winning people round will be a big help in achieving this.


You may have a particular way of looking at a situation, however you will not force this belief on others today and they will respect you greatly for it. Your tendency to thread carefully around people you don’t know and private nature, will all contribute to this.


Aquarius, while you may be in the mood to challenge someone, be careful that you’re not starting an argument for the sake of having a fight. Regardless of how well thought-out your points are, it’s likely the other person’s will be better.


Being able to feel compassion towards others and also possessing a naturally sensitive personality, will make you the ideal person to help others people with their troubles. When doing so, aim to think outside the box.