Looks like you will be the centre of attention today, Gemini. 



The confidence you possess along with your great personality is sure to gain you a few admirers in the days ahead. Be open to new opportunities and experiences that come your way. You can let the plans you had for today go out the window, as it has no intention of working out as you had imagined. Go with your gut when making tough decisions.


The right attitude will carry you far and this will also help you to create strong relationships with your colleagues. Your finances are in good order because you have mastered the art of bargaining and know when to spend your money wisely. This financial security could come in handy as there may be some unexpected expenses today.


All eyes and attention will be on you today, Gemini and you will make a big impression both on the people you are close to, and possibly even some strangers too. Be prepared for a lot of phone calls, emails and people looking to get in touch with you.  You will also feel very in tune with what your relations and people in your family are in need of.


Things will become increasingly more difficult in work and you will come across some very unusual problems that require your time. A calm approach and practical plan of action should get you through the day. Be cautious that you are not pushing too much pressure on yourself and take the time to rest if you feel you need it.


The time you have been spending with family and the people you are close to has been contributing to your good mood and brighter outlook on life. Regardless of how tedious it can be, you should set aside some time to thoroughly assess your financial situation. If you are thinking about getting out of a relationship, then you should consider if the alternative is much better.


Maybe you could do with being a little more sensitive towards your partner today; some kindness will go a long way. Despite the comfort and security a relationship brings, try not to force something to happen that simply isn’t working. Household tasks and your career will keep you occupied throughout the day, Virgo.


You could be surprised by the compassion and generosity you receive from people you don’t know very well, compared to the reactions of your own family. While tension can make it very easy to explode with anger, it’s wise to keep your feelings to yourself for the time being. This also applies to your career; try to remain professional at all times.


If you are feeling down and not yourself today, then it is a good idea to share your feelings with your partner, Scorpio. Feel grateful that you have someone by your side who cares about your emotions. Just like the future, financial security can never be guaranteed so it’s best to put some money aside to use on a rainy day.


The extra confidence you are feeling today will only serve to help your seductive ways; just make sure that person you are trying to woo feels the same way. Friends may organise a fun party or social event and you should attend, ready to get involved and have fun. Your energy will be on the rise today and as a result your overall health will benefit from it.


Today could be a busy one Capricorn, as it looks like work will keep you very busy and preoccupied. Don’t worry about missing out on having a fun though, you will still make the time to relax and enjoy the company of friends. In terms of your relationship, you and your partner may not be seeing, eye-to eye-lately and a fresh start could help.


Celebrate the good and try not to dwell on the bad Aquarius, as you are in a position most people would love to be in. Take the opportunity to spend time with those you love today, such as your kids or good friends. Your colleagues will be very receptive to your ideas and concepts in work and will have a genuine interest in what you are telling them.


Something could happen today that will put things back into perspective for you and make you realise that family is what matters most in your life. As a result you will want to spend your day in their company either at home or in another family member’s house. Finances and money issues will be easy for you to deal with.