Teamwork will be a doddle for you today, Aquarius. 



You may be feeling a little more sensitive than usual today Aries, and if you have a partner or spouse you should lean on them for support. Friends will be more willing to offer their time and advice today so you will feel supported. If you are well respected and liked by your work colleagues then it will make the office atmosphere a lot more comfortable, so avoid confrontations wherever possible.


People will be coming to you looking for financial advice today, so feel free to give them your tips for success and help out in any way that you can. Once you have managed to finish all your daily chores, household and otherwise, consider taking a moment to de-stress and work on strengthening your sense of calm.  Your sensitivity towards the needs and wants of your family will be weighing heavily on your mind.


Perhaps the lack of communication and the problems you are having with those you love, could be down to an outside source. Don’t always be quick to point the blame in another direction however, because you could also be contributing to the issues unbeknownst to yourself. Work with, as opposed to against, your colleagues whenever the opportunity arises; they value your ideas and pleasant nature.


It looks like you will be the one left organising the next family get-together once again, and making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves in a safe environment will be your number one concern. Any changes that need to be made around the house or even if you have some moving to do, it’s best to leave these activities for another day. If you find meeting potential partners intimidating, don’t push yourself until you are more comfortable.


Things will continue to go well in your relationship today Leo, provided you both continue to listen to and respect each other. Your positive energy and fresh approach to life are very engaging qualities for other people to be around and friends will be particularly drawn to you today. You may have a bit of a run in with someone who works in the service industry.


Today will once again reiterate to you the importance of being organised and on top of your game when it comes to money and business matters. While following the rules is not always the most exciting option, it is a good idea if you wish to go about your day without causing offence to anyone. If you feel as though your morals are being put into question, stick to what you feel is right.


Don’t freak out if you find that you and your partner have a difference in opinion; life would be pretty boring if everyone agreed on everything, all of the time so embrace your different qualities instead.  Avoid being typecast into a particular role or group of people. The natural talents and skills you have in terms of fairness and justice could become a big part of your day.


Hold off on finalising any major decisions or important projects for now and wait until you feel as though you have a better handle on things. You may struggle to communicate effectively with family and friends, and they might be feeling the same way today. If you can’t afford to spend a whole day resting, then it is a good idea to allow some time throughout the day to relax.


Focus your mind to concentrate on business matters and any issues that are relating to your career. An accurate and methodical approach will work best to guarantee success in this area of your life. The independent frame of mind you are in could make you question whether or not you would like to be in a relationship. Regardless, it’s good to be open to meeting new people.


Today does not look like it will be successful from a business point of view Capricorn and you should hold off on making any decisions regarding new projects or risky ventures. If you are not feeling one hundred present yourself, then you should consult your doctor, regardless of how insignificant you think the problem may be. Avoid overreacting to small issues.


Let your voice be heard in your relationship and voice any grievances you have with your partner; be tactful and kind when addressing sensitive issues.  Your acquaintances in the legal community may just come in handy today. Get in touch with any members of your family whom you have not been in contact with recently. In work, you may find that working as part of a team comes naturally to you.


You may be faced with some surprising and needless to say, inconvenient barriers in your path over the course of the day and this will be down to the absence of some crucial information or a mistake made on important documentation. Make the most of your good mood and pleasant humour today and use it to strengthen things between you and your spouse or partner.