Walk away from disagreements today, Pisces.


Aries, if you and your other half have been going through a rough patch lately, then today it looks as though the two of you will finally be able to resolve the your issues. Avoid overreacting to certain situations, if there is no need for it.


Your finances will be in good order today Taurus, so make the most of this while you can. Whatever it is that you have been doing lately, it’s obviously working so keep it up! The way you handle a challenging situation will say a lot about the sort of person you are.


Being there for an old friend or workmate when they could use some extra support, is something Gemini will be familiar with this Wednesday. While this may be tough for you at times, you will be able to put any difficulties you have to one side.


Cancer, this Wednesday you will be able to figure out a very unique and innovative way of making some extra money from a hobby you enjoy. If this is the case, you won’t feel like you are really working at all! Be prepared for your popularity to grow considerably.


Home renovations and giving the place a new lease of life will be Leo’s top priority this Wednesday. If there are certain jobs that you have been putting off for ages, will be the ones you will tackle first today. Don’t say no to help from people who are willing to offer it!


Virgo, today there is a big chance of you forming a friendship with an important and influential individual. This person will not only be a big inspiration to you going forwards, they will also be able to offer advice and guidance where others can’t.


Libra, you may find yourself in a difficult situation throughout the day where you will have to support someone when they need it most. Even though you might struggle to find the right thing to say, sometimes just being there for the person is enough.


Regardless of your dislike for authority and being told what to do, Scorpio may have to bit their tongue today and to what is aksed of them. Try your best to be open to change. If you’re taking part in group work, avoid the tendency to take over.


There may be a few hurdles and stumbling blocks in your way this Wednesday Sagittarius, and you will have to do your best to figure out the right thing to do. Remember to adopt a clear focus and this will help everything to fall into place.


It’s very likely that Capricorn may discover something, or indeed be informed of something very strange about someone they thought they knew very well. This news will probably cause you to feel a little shaken up and it will take a little while before it sinks in properly.


Aquarius you will not be able to hide your annoyance or disappointment in someone younger than you today. However, perhaps your expectations of them are slightly too high and it would be almost impossible to live up to them? Don’t be so rigid in your thinking.


This Wednesday will see Pisces forced to make small talk and (boring) conversation with someone who refuses to see things from other people’s opinions. This may anger you slightly but you will be able to forget about this after a short while.