You will be very ambitious today, Virgo! 


Aries will struggle to get to grips with organising and making plans throughout this Wednesday and it doesn’t look like it will get any better as the day goes on unfortunately. Someone you’re very close to or a work colleague will get some life changing news and you will be there for them whether it’s good or bad.


It seems like it would work more in Taurus’ favour today if they didn’t show everyone how they truly feel and instead played down their emotions somewhat. This is not a permanent thing, however it should remain in your mind today.


Gemini it looks lie today is the day when you will finally learn to stand up for what you believe in and defend yourself where necessary. This will help you to feel more confident and will show others that you are no longer a pushover! Feel proud of what you have accomplished.


Cancer today the opinions of others will not be your main concern and instead you will adopt a much more independent approach to your thinking. If you find yourself meeting new people then language barriers or other differences will not bother you. You may struggle to have a constructive conversation though.


Leo you will be pleasantly surprised by how useful a new purchase will be and pleased by the money you manage to save also! This bonus will encourage you to make more purchases like it. Putting your trust in someone or something else, for that matter, will pay off in the end. Someone from you past will make a reappearance.

Virgo you will be ambitious and determined to achieve great things today and with this attitude, it’s unlikely that you will fail! You may find it difficult to take criticism when someone had something negative to say about something you have done. Try not to be this way as it’s unlikely it is meant to hurt you.


Libra, you will be shocked and humbled by the help someone else offers you today. This act of kindness will encourage you to do the same for someone else in the future. Even a small gesture can make all the difference. You may be feeling insecure and will require a lot of reassurance.


Scorpio, it seems as though your finances will be in good order today and any worries you have had in the past will be just that – almost forgotten about. However try not to get careless once again! If you’re hoping to find love or romance then this Wednesday does not seem like the best time to do so.


You may discover that your expectations do not live up to reality, Sagittarius. Therefore, going forwards try to be a little more realistic in your ambitions as this will save you some disappointment at a later stage. Figuring out a way to make a little more cash will be very important to you.


Capricorn, today it would be best for you to stick to what you know and if in any doubt, then it’s always safe to be more cautious than not. If you feel that the people in your social circle no longer have consideration for how you’re feeling, then consider making a fresh start.


If you’ve been feeling a little off lately, then today you are sure to be feeling your full self again Aquarius. However, don’t be tempted to overdo it just yet as you may regret it at a later stage. You may be feeling particularly confident abilities and this will enable you to apply for something you would have stayed away from in the past.


Pisces, today you will find it a challenge to deal with the people you feel are less than reasonable to live with. That said, your talents of negotiation and working things out will become extremely useful throughout the day. Rather than turning to someone else for help you will find the solution yourself.