You’re likely to be headstrong today, Leo.



Aries, you may notice that your impulsive nature and tendency to rush into something without properly thinking it through first, will land you in a bit of hot water throughout this Wednesday. Therefore you may find that you have a lot in common with any friends who are Gemini’s today.


You’ll might realise today Taurus that just because you want to do everything and have every intention f doing so, sometimes even your best efforts don’t end up going according to plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as you hoped they would.


Gemini, regardless of your strong work ethic and willingness to get up and go even if you don’t feel up to it, this Wednesday you’ll have to listen to what you’re body is telling you. Perhaps it might be worth taking things a bit easier going forwards.


Personality traits, as well as star sign ones for that matter, will be very obvious to those around you this Wednesday Cancer. Others will find it increasingly difficult to change your perspective on something once you have made your mind up.


Leo, you will be determined and somewhat set in your ways today and a slight stubborn streak will be obvious to see. It’s likely that you will mix well with any friends or colleagues of yours that are Gemini’s today as well. Take five minutes to calm down if you’re feeling stressed.


Instead of worrying about everyone else, instead you should pay a little more attention to yourself Virgo. Perhaps you have neglected to look after yourself properly recently and this is starting to have an effect on you now. It wouldn’t be wise to let this continue.


Libra, if you have an idea of a perfect scenario in your head and what’s in front of you doesn’t exactly add up, then is it possible that you had built up an idealized version of reality? If so then maybe lowering your expectations slightly might not be such a bad thing.


Spend time in the company of inspiring and insightful people this Wednesday Scorpio and you will be grateful for the things you take away from the conversations as a result. Your loyalty to your closest friends will be tested but you will not let them down.


Your appreciation for learning something new and finding ways to apply this to your everyday life, is not something you will cease to possess throughout the day Sagittarius. Rather, you will be keen to brush up on and skills talents you feel you have become rusty.


Capricorn, while your natural tendency to be wary of other people and what their intentions might be, generally serves you well, today things will be slightly as it seems as tough your time would be better spent, if you spent more time concentrating on yourself!


Try and set a little bit of time aside this Wednesday Aquarius so that you can spend it doing the things you want today. If you’re constantly pleasing other people this can become tiring and there’s a chance you will become resentful of them also.


Pisces, this Wednesday you and anyone who is under the sign of Gemini will get on very well as it’s likely you will have a lot in common. However there is always the chance that you will have an unfortunate run-in with a difficult person at some point throughout the day.