Sometimes you need to address your own problems first, Aquarius.



Keeping your mind focused and your attention on one specific thing will be a big challenge for you today, Aries. Therefore it is a good idea to just do what is absolutely essential and necessary. Now is the perfect opportunity to sign off on any collaborations you have been working on lately. Even though you will be a little flighty, the positive attitude you have will be a huge help.


Be grateful that someone trusts your opinions and genuinely appreciates your advice. Remember to stay honest when responding and make sure they are ok with what you have said. It’s hard to be subtle when in the company of the person that you like, but if you make the most of your natural charisma and alluring nature then you have very little to worry about. A work-related project could be a lot more extensive than you had realised.


Even though it can be hurtful when the people you are close to aren’t there when you need then, remember that they have their own lives too and probably have a lot going on that they don’t want to burden you with. It’s time to take stock and finally remove anything from your life that is causing you unnecessary stress. If possible, rest and some light exercise should be a priority going forward.


Apply yourself during the morning and throughout the afternoon in order to complete all necessary tasks Cancer; do not procrastinate and avoid these until the evening time. Approach things with a calm frame of mind and all should go according to plan. If you make an effort to try and meet new people, your enthusiasm will draw people towards you. If you happen to have a little extra cash this week then be smart with your spending.


You are quite entitled to chill out today Leo, and do nothing more than laze on the couch if that is what you choose. This is also the perfect opportunity to catch up with the people you have lost contact with lately and need to get back in touch with. If you don’t manage to complete everything you had planned, then try not to worry and start again tomorrow.


If things have been quite tense lately between you and your family then avoid making any attempts to resolve the situation today because it could actually make things even worse. Because of all that is going on in your personal life, you should not address any important documentation or financial matters today. Despite the hostile atmosphere, things with your partner will improve greatly and this will only serve to bring the two of you much closer.


The first half of the day may be relatively quite and uneventful but the later half could end up being rater exciting, Libra. In the meantime concentrate on completing daily chores and routine work to the best of you abilities. If you feel as though those around you have been unnecessarily harsh with you then try walking away from the situation before you say something out of anger (you will later regret).


Relations are tricky to navigate at the best of times, but it is good to remember that while they do take work, it shouldn’t be a constant struggle. Be clear about how you are feeling so as to avoid further confusion. Perhaps it would be a good idea to reign in your excitable nature because the people around you are not always able to match your enthusiasm.


Whatever is going on in your life will have an effect on your health and how you are feeling. If something has been bothering you lately then maybe you should look to find a solution to the problem. Don’t let other people make you feel as though your ideas and suggestions aren’t worthy. While good advice is always helpful, go with what your gut is telling you. The company of friends will be very welcome today.


 Your good mood and the happy vibe you have been giving off in recent days will have a positive effect on your relationship with your spouse or partner. They will respond to this well and it will help them to cheer up also. While a little gossip is always interesting and generally doesn’t do any harm, be mindful of other people’s feelings and problems they are dealing with.


Even though other people know they can come to you with their problems because you are reliable and trustworthy, you should remember that you also could do with a shoulder to cry on from time to time. Financial issues will become very relevant today so be cautious about where your money is going. Avoid making any big or important decisions on a whim or fleeting moment.


Try not to put boundaries and limits on your personal creativity; you never know what you might come up with if given the chance to explore all your options. If you are in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere then perhaps you should be honest with yourself – and your partner! Friends may ask you to take sides in their arguments but do your best to stay out of the situation if possible. If something happens that bothers you immensely then try to view it as a learning experience.