Don’t waste any opportunities that present themselves to you today, Pisces.



Your instincts will be going into overdrive today Aries, so you would be advised to listen to what they’re saying. Now is probably not the best time to begin any new ventures, so these are best left for another day. If you want to stand out in a crowd, then you should consider doing something that gets you noticed – nothing too extreme however!


Your confidence will be on the rise today Taurus so use this to your advantage when going after something you want. Any problems you’ve been having at home lately will be easily solved, due to your quick thinking and positive, no-nonsense approach. If there is something you want, but it feels like too much of a stretch, consider if it is really worth the efforts you’re putting in.


The importance of your career or professional stance in the workplace will remain on your list of priorities today. However you are slowly beginning to become a little more relaxed and less uptight, when the occasion calls for it. There may be some unexpected, but very welcome opportunities in your path today also, Gemini.


While it’s never a good idea to so something just because someone else wants you to, you should take your other half’s feelings into account when making decisions. If you feel as though this is stifling your independence then this should be discussed. Nobody likes a show-off, so regardless of how successful you have been lately or how well your job is going you should try not to brag.


Your love life may be about to get a lot more exciting over the days ahead, so don’t turn down any possible romantic opportunities. For any Leo’s born in July you should pay close attention to any signs that you think may be important and try to establish what they could mean for you. If you’ve been feeling like a fresh start for a while then it’s best to cut ties with any historical reminders.


Virgo should take it easy this morning and use this opportunity to get some much-needed rest. If you’ve been having a stressful day (or previous few days) then it’s a good idea to clear your head before starting your next project. Even if someone is begging you to be honest with them, it is unlikely that they will appreciate your blunt responses so try to be more sensitive.


Libra should try to focus it’s attention on the home today and any tasks and chores that need completing within doors – there’s always something to tidy or clean! If you have harmony in your household this will help you to feel more content. Try out a new routine over the coming days and see if this improves relations.


Regardless of how you endeavour to be practical and mature about your spending and affairs, today will throw a spanner in the works, as Scorpio will be feeling less like themselves and more like someone else entirely! There is a strong possibility that you will meet someone new and they will become a very important figure in your life.


Today’s main ambition for Sagittarius will be to do everything they can to make things better at home. You may even notice that chores and routine tasks will become less tedious and you may even begin to enjoy them. If it’s a nice day, get outside in the fresh air for some exercise for a long, refreshing walk.


Today, and always for that matter, Capricorn should aim to place themselves in the company of inspiring and influential people, as this will also inspire greatness within themselves. If there is someone in your life that you have been having mixed feelings for, romantic or otherwise, then you will have to make a decision about how you feel once and for all – it’s not fair to lead someone on.


If you want to feel more in control and less like you are living your life according to someone else’s rules, then now is the time to do something about it. Today will present you with some useful opportunities to become closer to the people you have lost contact with in recent years. While no one likes conflict, sometimes it’ s best to address the elephant in the room to ease the tension.


You will have plenty of opportunities aimed in your direction today Pisces, all you have to do is make them a success. Don’t be tempted to keep putting things off for another time, you may have less time than you had anticipated. Any excess baggage that is weighing you down should be eliminated from your life as soon as possible.