You might find that other people will get on your nerves today, Libra. 



Avoid going out of your way to get the attention of the people around you; if they know you well enough, they’ll already be aware of your talents and skills – you don’t need to resort to extreme measures for them to notice you. While it may sound a little cliché, being yourself is always he safest bet. Be careful not to loose your temper if something doesn’t go your way.


The impatient side of you who finds it difficult to wait for things to happen may reappear during the day. If you are beginning to feel a little agitated then perhaps it would be a good idea to engage in some exercise of physical activity of some sort. If you have a particular goal in mind then you should work hard to achieve it, however try to maintain a balance between work and home life.


Gemini will be successful in whatever new and exciting ventures they decide to try their hand at today. While it’s great to have ambition, it’s worth considering keeping your goals fairly realistic over the days ahead. Forget about always looking ahead, learn to live in and enjoy the moment you’re in. It might be a good idea to keep your spending to a minimum also as it never hurts to have a little spare cash in reserves for a rainy day.


Unfortunately the road to success will not be a clear one for you today Cancer and you may have some ups and downs on your journey. However, don’t use this as an excuse to sit about and do nothing –always look for way to keep your mind active. While you may enjoy helping others because you like to think they would do the same for you, be careful that you do not allow yourself to be used by other people.


Even though everything seems to be going well there may be something stopping Leo from achieving their full potential so it would be a good idea to try and figure out what this is. If you have extra energy and are eager to start something new, then it would be wise to fins a suitable outlet for some of this newfound energy. You may be surprised by the effect some extra pressure has on your normally chilled out personality.


If your other half is acting pretty strange today then you should look for other ways to take your mind off this tension. Remember, it is unlikely that you are responsible for their mood. Some physical work is usually a god way to de-stress, especially if there is something on your mind so get those gloves out and get scrubbing that oven! Even though the temptation to give an honest opinion might be there, you’d be wise to hold your tongue.


Today you may not be feeling in the best of spirits so other people who are very alert, active and have never experienced tougher times in life might get on your nerves! It’s best to walk away from these situations if you feel yourself getting angry. Regardless of how much we like someone, it can be extremely difficult to admit to ourselves, and to others that they are not the person we thought they were.


It would be wise for Scorpio to try and keep their emotions in check somewhat as there is a lot of important work to be done. If you feel yourself getting side tracked then take a five-minute break and get back to it. Be truthful and honest with the important people in your life, especially the ones whom you would like to have a relationship with in the future.


Get out there and stay active today Sagittarius; not only is it good for you, but it will make you feel better too. If you are involved in a competitive sport of some kind it’s important to remember that while winning is great it’s not everything – this knowledge is particularly important to pass on to children!


Today is the perfect time to get all routine work and household chores out of the way. While other days you might shiver at the thought of spending a few hours cleaning the house, this morning the prospect of doing so won’t seem so bad. Don’t be nice to people simply for the sake of it, you will feel better and you will come across as more genuine if you are sincere about your good deeds.


Aquarius, you might benefit from getting some fresh air today so if you have the opportunity you should take a short walk or a stroll in a relaxing environment. Even though you might normally avoid confrontation at all costs, today could see you express a different side of you personality when someone in particular gets you riled up!


Unfortunately you will not be able to bury your head in the clouds today, as there is a lot to get done Pisces. However you may find yourself distracted by some other, more appealing tasks. Someone in a position of power may consider you a suitable candidate for a project they have in mind so remember to remain professional at all times.