You should keep a watchful eye on your money today, Aquarius. 



Aries should try not to be quite so eager when trying to get other people to agree with their ideas as you’re far more likely to get them on side through being a little less aggressive in your approach. If you’ve been feeling particularly emotional about a decision lately, then this should pass in a few days and you will be feeling brighter and more energised going forward.


If you’ve been actively making positive steps in the right direction then now is a good time to take stock and consider whether or not you’re moving towards the place you want to be in. You’re mood today and indeed how you will be feeling over the next few days will have a big effect on the decisions you make. This will also effect how you respond to the things that other people say, so be careful that you do not end up overreacting to a throwaway comment.


Ambition and determination are fantastic if you are trying to achieve a particular goal, however it’s best if you do not allow yourself to become completely preoccupied with this target, so much so that it begins to affect other areas of your life. You may find it hard to relax and unwind throughout the day and this may lead you to seek out adventurous and exciting activities.


Any Cancerian’s born in July will be extremely intuitive and forward thinking throughout the day. If the past number of weeks have been full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns, you will generally be able to gage how things are going from what you have experienced. You will be feeling closer than every to friends and family.


Panicking when in a difficult situation, while tempting, is rarely the best thing to do. Instead try to assess the situation calmly before making any irrational decisions. Sometimes the least obvious solution is the one that will be the most productive. Remember that you have the power to change things if you want to, so stop waiting for things to happen of their own accord.


Virgo should prepare themselves for some slight confusion today as the things the people close to them have to say, particular if it is a partner, may not be what they are used to. Breaking promises is never easy, however sometimes it is necessary in order to gain something else. Like-minded people will be the ones that Virgo is likely to feel the most comfortable around.


Don’t be too shocked today Libra if the plans you had made don’t exactly go the way you has envisioned and you might begin to feel slightly uneasy as a result. Getting in touch with an old friend or work colleague might be something that takes your interest over the coming days, as you may be interested in reminiscing about the past and feeling slightly nostalgic.


Scorpio should take the chance to spend some quality time with the people they love today and also use this time as an opportunity to free your mind of the stresses that have been bothering you lately. The prospect of being in the company of lots of loud and noisy people will not appeal to you at all today. Try not to fret too much about things working as they usually fall into place just fine.


An unexpectedly eventful Wednesday may be in store for you today Sagittarius and this will largely take place within your personal life. A seemingly normal chat could turn into something unpleasant and you might be left feeling upset afterwards. Anxiousness and insecurity is likely to surround you and this might spur you on to finally say how you feel and get some important things off your chest.


Someone whom you’re very close to may have something startling to tell you. Keep your ears peeled for any other, reliable, sources of information. Don’t start to feel hard done by if things aren’t going your way; just because one aspect hasn’t worked out like you had hoped it would, it doesn’t necessarily mean this will be the same for everything else.


Keeping a firm grip on your finances and all that goes with it would be a wise decision for Aquarius and a productive way to spend their time today. Trust your instincts when making important decisions today Aquarius and don’t allow others to sway your opinion or change your mind. Independent thinking and being happy to go about your business on your own without waiting for someone else to join you, is a great way to be.


You will be more and more eager to have some interesting conversations and be in the company of other people as the day goes on. Don’t be shy and instead welcome the opportunity to meet new people. However be careful that this craving for companionship doesn’t lead you to befriend the wrong people. They say a change is as good as a rest and today Pisces should embrace change and move forwards in a new direction.