Stick to your guns today, Virgo.

Today Arians will engage in their own spiritual refinement. You will follow the advice of one of your wise colleagues and go to the bookstore straight after work. Here you will find all the good literature your colleague recommended, and when you get home your entire family will immerse themselves in reading.

Taureans will be disappointed with a situation which emerges in the sphere of their personal finances. The boss will say that you are not going to get a bonus this month, and so you will have to look for a way to fill the gap in your budget.

On the 19th of October, Geminis will naturally tend towards extravagant behavior. You will go to work in a glaringly bright outfit. The eyes of the opposite sex will be drawn to you like a magnet. However, your despotic boss will consider this the height of unprofessionalism – he will invite you for a little chat, and threaten that next time you are dressed like that at work he will fire you.

Cancers shouldn’t rely on their co-workers today. None of them will be able to get you out of your predicament. What’s more, if you manage to convince one of them to take part in trying to eliminate your mistakes, you will risk even greater trouble. Your helper will deliberately make your mistakes more serious, after which you will be threatened with dismissal.

On the 19th of October 2016 Leos will manage to extricate themselves easily and beautifully from a heated situation. You will call on all your wit for help, and in the end you won’t give any specific answer to the person who is trying to confound you with impertinent questions.

On this day Virgos will communicate with a very intrusive person. You will try to explain to him that you don’t need the goods or services he is offering, but unfortunately he will prove to be the kind of person who can’t take no for an answer. Eventually you won’t be able to restrain yourself, and you will resort to non-standard vocabulary to chase the person away.

Today Libras will be perplexed by a very complicated matter. One of your close relatives will become seriously ill, and you will immediately refuse state medical care. You will turn the whole internet upside down, conduct a survey amongst your friends, and find a doctor with absolutely no bad references who you can entrust with your sick relative.

Today Scorpios will have the chance to take pride in their child. Your kid will win in a sports competition or prevail in an intellectual battle. Present during this victory, you won’t hold back on your admiration, hugging your little victor with tears of joy in your eyes.

Sagittarians will once again put a certain complicated issue relating to property on the family agenda. It is quite likely that those around you will completely support your initiative and start to prepare for a move.

On the 19th of October Capricorns will create unique comfort in their personal living space. You will spare no money when purchasing an antique item, and then you will try to adjust your whole interior according to it. Literally everyone will appreciate your designer’s refinement.


On this day Aquarians will be in the clutches of anguish and depression. You will recall the sad moments of your life and come to the conclusion that your existence is far from ideal. Admitting yourself to be a failure, you will throw in the towel and stop trying to do something. Your business competitor will use this to his advantage.

Pisces will think long and hard about choosing a suitable strategy for pursuing the affections of a certain someone. In the end, everything you come up with will prove to be extremely mundane. You will decide to steal passionate glances from a distance, thinking that she will guess about everything on her own. Unfortunately a miracle will not happen.