Your concentration won’t be the best today, Capricorn.



Aries, this Wednesday you could be either very romantic of very cold towards your other half. However, be careful that you do not make then feel like they have done something wrong if you are the one who is in a bad mood. If you can see things from another point of view, it will help you a lot.


Be open to new ideas today Taurus, even if they are ones which you would normally shoot down right away. You never know, if given enough time you develop a whole new outlook and perspective. The ability to see the bright side in a bad situation will not be lost on you.


Gemini, regardless of how much you go out of your way to please others, your accommodating nature may actually work against you this Wednesday. Don’t be so quick to change your plans, just because someone else thinks you should! Choosing sides will also be a tough decision to make.


Perhaps some Spring cleaning (albeit a little early) is something which will be a help to you today Cancer. Getting rid of clutter will make you feel lighter and less crowded at home. Maybe a little de-cluttering in all areas of your life would be a good idea? Treat yourself to a few new furnishings to brighten up a room!


Leo, why not check out your local area for the chance to learn a new skill or even take up a new hobby? There’s a big chance that you will excel in this field today. An unexpected invite or spontaneous party is something you’ll really enjoy in the company of friends.


Improving your cooking skills and learning some new recipes that you can share with your ever-eager friends, is something you should consider today Virgo. While other’s around you will be concerned with their own appearance and that if their household, your main concern will be your latest creation.


Libra, if given the chance don’t turn down an opportunity to meet some new and interesting people this Wednesday. You never know, it might just brighten up your hump day! There’s even a chance that some of these people may develop romantic feelings for you.


If you’re the sort of Scorpio who finds it very difficult to change their mind once they get an idea into their head, then today is seems as though this way of thinking won’t be much different. Don’t be quick to forget about people you care about, just because they’ve let you down.


Sagittarius, unfortunately it’s likely that your talents won’t be put to their best potential today and you may feel a bit resentful because of this. Try not to take it personally and hopefully the days ahead your capabilities will be put to good use. If someone is encouraging you to speak up, then maybe you should.


This Wednesday, you may find it difficult to fully concentrate on the task at hand. The distractions around you, will be even more difficult to ignore as the days progresses. Try to channel some of your extra energy into a more productive format. No idea will be a bad one for you .


Aquarius, don’t spend too long wishing your life away today. If you want things to be different then sometimes you have go to about making this happen yourself! Consider making these big changes sooner rather than later – you never know, it might just be the best thing you ever do.


Perhaps you’ve been very wrapped up in your own life lately and haven’t really paid much attention to what is going on around you. This Wednesday may be a good time to take stock and focus on things other than yourself for a change. Don’t allow someone to confuse your trust for weakness.