Be careful today as things may not be as they seem, Leo. 



Any new tasks or projects that you’re hoping to start today Aries are best left until the evening time. You will be free to explore the creative and artistic side of your personality during the day so you should use this time to come up with something new. Even though you may prefer your own tastes to those of your partner, remember it’s important to give them equal say also.


Regardless of the effort you put in, sometimes people will continue to do their own thing and not take other people’s feelings into consideration. Where possible, perhaps you could try to adjust to their way of doing things for the sake of keeping the peace. If financial worries have been on your mind lately then you should try to curtail your spending to what is absolutely necessary.


If love is on your mind and you have been eyeing up someone you like in recent weeks, then today you should build up the courage to finally ask him or her out. Career wise, if you want to progress and move up in the workplace setting these plans in motion will be successful today. Maybe your friends have been acting pretty boring lately and could do with a little extra coaxing to get them out and about.


Today is a good day to spend some time alone Cancer, as you will benefit greatly from the solitude and may even manage to get some important chores completed. If you feel like everyone around you is having fun and you’re missing out, make an effort to join in. Having a goal and a plan of action for the future is great – just make sure that these targets are practical in the long run.


Be cautious today Leo as people and things may not necessarily be, as they appear. Any agreements you commit yourself too or any promises you make should be thought about carefully before making a final decision. By the time the evening hours arrive you will be able to handle any business related matters with ease and come up with new and innovative ideas quite competently.


Spend some time contemplating the future today Virgo and have a think about want you want to achieve, and equally how you plant on getting there. If someone offers you a tempting proposal, why refuse? You never know what might happen. Any journeys you go on this evening should be approached with caution. Family features may become more noticeable.


The early hours of the day, along with some time after lunch are favourable for chilling out and relaxing. During this time you may let your mind wander and think about other possibilities that you hadn’t considered until now. This Wednesday will be fairly uneventful but the evening could interrupt this serenity somewhat.


It’s probably best to avoid starting any new projects today or physical work that requires you to be active. In the meantime you could use this opportunity to do something for yourself. Perhaps it is a good time to take up an old hobby that you haven’t had a lot of time for until now.


Today will be all about connecting, or reconnecting, with family and friends that you haven’t been in contact with enough lately. The days and months ahead may start to look more hopeful than you had imagined they could and as a result you will develop a more positive outlook going forward. If you have had a falling out with someone close then now is a good time to make amends.


Talking things through with someone we trust is important, but it is equally important that the person we speak to will give us an honest answer – not just tell us what we would like to hear! A family member or partner is generally the best person to do this. The events of the day, while not majorly different to any other, may have a greater effect on you than usual.


Today will be relatively peaceful and enjoyable for you Aquarius and the likelihood of an argument or clash with someone you are close to seems remote. Relax in knowing this and do not worry yourself with unnecessary stress. In work, while it is great to get help and advice when you need it, you may not have this extra support at hand over the coming days.


Even though you may be very excited about the prospect of a new project, it’s advisable to hold off on starting anything for the time being. Remember to take things one-step at a time, otherwise you run the risk of forgetting something important and having to redo all your hard work. The evening hours could be your most hectic time today, Pisces.