You may have to put your personal preferences to one side today, Sagittarius. 



Regardless of the bigger issues that are going on around you, it would be a good idea for you to focus on smaller family matters that are more applicable to your life. Day-to-day chores could actually surprise you and not be as boring as they usually are. If you have made some big decisions lately then you may begin to question your actions somewhat throughout the day.


Recreational activities will be your best bet for a little entertainment today Taurus and some of the things you end up doing will surprise you! If you are out and about in a social setting and enjoying the company of others then you may end up spending a little more money than you had originally bargained for. Now is also a good day to think about your future and what you could do to improve your prospects.


Any Gemini’s born in the month of May will have no choice but to make some changes and take a new direction in life. This might actually be a good thing, even though it might take you some time to realise it. Don’t wait around for other people to bring success to you; go after it on your own! The way you look at situations and try to find ways to figure out problems is slowing changing and becoming more concise.


It is a much better idea for Cancer to go with the flow this Wednesday as opposed to making important decisions and future plans. Your current situation may be about to change so it’s best to hold off on any long-term projects until then. You might be pretty good at containing your emotions but today they will catch you off-guard and reappear when you’re least expecting it.


Although they may be extremely convincing, sometimes it’s best to not to do everything your friends recommend especially if it involves spending money and your money at that! It’s always better to count on yourself than to be waiting around for others – you also run the risk of being disappointed if you’re completely dependent on other people. If you remain focused and stick to a tight schedule then you have a much better chance of reaching your targets on time.


Regardless of how much you like to help others and offer some support, today it is equally important to focus on yourself and any issues you have been dealing with lately. While people generally mean well when offering you advice, you need only listen to the people whose advice you actually trust. Mulling over something for too long is rarely advisable, but you should think about your next steps carefully today.


Libra is likely to have a few things to rearrange and may have to change their plans in order fully to accommodate all that they have going on. Don’t be tempted to put your responsibilities on the back burner today as these will nearly always catch up with you in the end. Something new that you try today may not turn out to be as good as you hoped it would be.


You should spend some time today thinking about what you want your future to look like and figuring out ways of getting there. Your vision may become clouded at some point, making it very difficult for you to be able to figure things out in a clear and rational form. Creative activities or anything artistic that would have grabbed your attention before may not seem quite so interesting to you today.


Despite having some preferences about what you would choose to do in a given situation, today you may have to put these to one side in order to get the outcome that benefits everyone equally. A strong sense of ambition and wanting to achieve big things in the future is great, however Sagittarius should try to keeps these plans under wraps for a few more days.


New and unusual information may present itself to you and in quite an unexpected way at that. A few surprises throughout the day should always be welcome in order to keep things interesting and exciting. Meeting new people does not look like it will be on the agenda for you today Capricorn. Don’t be afraid to work a little magic to get where you want to go; a friendly approach and a good attitude goes a long way.


Unfortunately, a large portion of your day will be spent solving the minor yet still crucial issues in your life. Today you should try your best to pay attention to the things you usually gloss over without a second though! Throughout the day some not-so-realistic plans you had made will be turned on their head when more practical issues have to be dealt with.


All of your good intentions and dedication will be put to the test and a small lapse in will power might be enough to undo all of your hard work today Pisces. You might find it more of a challenge than usual to think clearly. Don’t be put out by small inconveniences; someone who is easily annoyed is not the most enjoyable to be around so don’t let that be you.