You will be able to tolerate other people very well today, Libra. 



Today is the perfect opportunity for Aries to show others what they can do and what they’re made of. You may realise some undiscovered artistic skills or creative talents while you’re at it. Spending time with your family will be something you’ll enjoy today because relations will be calm and harmonious, so don’t pass up the opportunity if they suggest a meet up.


Taurus, it looks like you’re in luck today because your ability to adjust and cope with new and unfamiliar surroundings will help you to manage in difficult situations. To do this you will firstly need to overcome a few issues; openness to expressing your feelings and what’s on your mind, what you would like to do and equally what doesn’t appeal to you and finally the ability to speak in a clear and informative way.


Gemini will find it particularly easy to explain to other people how they’re feeling today and also you may even have the chance to show off a talent or skill while you’re at it. Don’t wait around for others to reach out and make contact with you; if you would like to spend time with someone or even make a new friend, make the first move yourself. The evening hours may lead you to become very optimistic.


If you have any researching to do today Cancer, then now is the perfect time to do so. Use the resources you have at your fingertips to your advantage, such as the internet, books or other useful, up-to-date sources of information. If you’re bored and have nothing to do to keep you occupied then reach out to friends to see if they could use some company.


Having a clear awareness and strategy for your ideas and upcoming plans is essential. Spending time with friends will allow you to discuss and brainstorm these ideas further with enthusiastic and lively people. Pay special attention when chatting to, and communicating with, people in the afternoon because not everyone will be as open as you are, and may become slightly wary of you as a result.


Virgo, the side of your personality that seems to love finding out new information and speaking to others – in an inquisitive way, but not necessarily nosy – will be particularly strong today. If you’re hoping to begin a new project today, then it would probably be best if you left this idea alone for a little while. However if you actively seek out challenges and obstacles that you can find a way around, then this may not apply to you.


Libra’s good humour and tolerance towards other people will be in ready supply throughout the morning hours, and it will be at it’s strongest as the day moves towards the late morning. If possible, you would be wise to schedule any important meetings during this time so that you are at your most alert and productive. If you need to discuss things with your other half then schedule this in too!


Scorpio would be wise to get out of bed early today and make the most of the day. This is particularly relevant to any Scorpios who have any matters that need immediate attention. Things such as important documentation, legal affairs and issues to discuss with their colleagues, may require a bit more care and attention.


Sagittarius will be very fortunate today as their partner or other half is likely to be in the best of form and very enjoyable to be around. Another plus to add to you list might be the relaxed nature of the people you see yourself as being in competition with. If you’re struggling to bond with someone, finding a common ground, such as a mutual interest, is a good place to start.


Unamused and disinterested, is likely to be the best way to describe Capricorn’s mood throughout the day, as you probably won’t be very excited or going overboard on the cheeriness. The comfortable and relaxing things in life are what you will be most attracted to. Try incorporating something interesting into your daily routine; this will make the time pass quicker and you may even learn something new while you’re at it.


Aquarius will be feeling especially friendly and outgoing today and if you’re planning on spending time with your loved ones, such as your relatives or kids, then you are bound to really enjoy yourself. The people you meet throughout the day will also be in equally good humour. Speaking to someone whom you’ve butted heads with in the past will not be so intimidating today either!


If money issues have been on your mind and are beginning to cause you some worry, then the morning hours of the day are the best time to sort out these problems and to get a grip on your finances once and for all. You may have to deal with some difficult, yet ultimately empowering situations.