Try to keep your expectations realistic today, Cancer. 


Try to freely and naturally express your individuality without caring too much about what others may think. Focusing on your own self is rather natural for you today. Boldly tackle your current tasks – no one will say a word against it.


Focus your main efforts on urgent matters and current projects. This is the day when you may truly enjoy household chores: cleaning or tidying up the yard. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your close ones with difficult tasks, though.


If you can’t wait to make another bold step into your future, you should certainly try to restrain yourself from doing it. Despite all the enthusiasm of yours, you may run out of wind right before the final push.


Don’t set your expectations too high. There would be no shame in lowering the bar, especially if doing so allows you to feel more assured of future progress. You can always raise it again once you’ve mastered the necessary skills.


You may reach an important decision over the days ahead and one that has been on your mind for some time. If you’re uncertain whether you’re doing the right thing, especially if this would involve someone else, give yourself time to defer until you are absolutely sure.


This is a perfect period for making efforts to get rid of indecisiveness, dependence, cowardice, secrecy and insincerity. If you find these qualities in you and consider them serious flaws, it is high time to get into a fighting mindset.


You may witness a start of a new period in your partner’s life. It is also possible for your tandem to go through an overall change of course. Your union may be in need of analysing your current achievements.


You may quit the job you have grown tired of and quickly find a new one. Don’t be in a rush, though: you’ve got almost a whole day ahead to finalise what you once started and tie up all the loose ends to ensure your successors don’t have any unfinished projects to inherit.


It doesn’t make any sense to begin a new cycle of work. But active leisure will improve your health, elevate your spirits and help you stay in shape all day long. Energetic creative mindset is quite natural today.


The day is conducive to energetic goal-oriented activeness. However, enthusiasm will quickly deplete and inspiration will not last long. Your close ones’ actions may prove equally unstable. If you want to get something out of them, try to catch them at a favourable moment and quickly convey your request.


Your dialogues with people should be concise and clear.If you want to establish a contact with someone, you should be open and direct about it and if you want to terminate cooperation with someone, you should not be shy to loudly announce your decision.


If you want to change your diet, give up some produce and get rid of some bad habits, you should not waste any time on July 13, 2016. Avoid setting the goals that may prove way difficult to achieve – this may exhaust your enthusiasm too quickly.