You might have an eventful day ahead, Gemini!



Aries, a practical and effective way to spend your time this Wednesday would be to focus on completing tasks and chores around the house that could do with your attention. If you haven’t been spending enough quality time with family recently, then try to make more of an effort to see them. Money issues should be dealt with early in the morning.


Taurus should be all about friends and family today and you are likely to find great comfort in a familiar environment surrounded by people you care about. Perhaps someone whom you’ve been friends with for some time may begin to show you their true colours – this may surprise you, or reaffirm what you already knew!


Gemini it looks as though today will be somewhat of an eventful one for you as planning ahead o predicting what will happen next will be nearly impossible. Even the most straightforward of tasks will have a way of complicating themselves. However, remain calm as your intuition will be stronger that ever.


Cancer, don’t be too hard on yourself or feel selfish by putting your own needs first today; your family’s requirements and your own for that matter, need to take precedence sometimes and now is one of those occasions. You might be a little taken aback with the sudden interest you have in other people’s affairs.


Leo, paying closer attention to personal matters and endeavouring to be a little more private going forwards, may not be such a bad thing. It may take some getting used to, but you might find that a little more privacy will have many advantages. Aim to spend your day in a place that is peaceful and relaxing.


Virgo, don’t be inclined to let the possibility of what might go wrong, or what might not happen, stop you from achieving all that you have been hoping for. Anything is possible, both good and ad, so why spend your time worrying about the negative? You might find that you are becoming more accepting of certain people and situations also.


Libra, regardless of how you have gone about planning trips, or events in the past today will see you making a breakthrough in this area. If you have something special in mind, then you will focus your attention on this over the next few days. While you may be feeling a little tied down and somewhat restricted lately, this won’t last forever.


Scorpio, your natural ability to go with the flow and mix well with new people will be particularly useful today as you’re likely to find yourself in the company of people from all parts of the world! Experiencing new cultures and becoming accustomed to new traditions will not be too challenging for you.


Even though confrontation and having those difficult conversations are things you would much rather avoid (and who could blame you?) Sometimes they are necessary to clear the air and move forwards, particularly where family is concerned. Avoid pointing the blame or name calling and try to keep things positive and constructive!


It’s important to be aware of how someone else is feeling and having some sensitivity towards other people’s emotions is crucial, if you are to talk to them about an issue that concerns both of you. If you’re struggling to get along with someone and you feel you are running out of ideas, try to establish some common ground between you.


Aquarius, all the hard work and extra effort you have been putting in lately will be worth it today as other people are likely to notice your efforts, especially if you have been trying to improve your physique! Use this as motivation to keep going. If you’ve found yourself particularly busy lately, then plan meet ups in the morning hours so you don’t get distracted as the day progresses.


Unfortunately, hard work will not be Pisces idea of a fun time this Wednesday and instead things such as creative outlets, or artist projects will be much more appealing. If you can spend a couple of hours enjoying some fresh air you should make the most of this! Spending time in the company of the people you care about most will work in your favour.