What\'s next? An EE cream?

What's next? An EE cream?

Getting that 'I woke up like this' glow has never been easier...

Discovering there was an alternative to foundation that wasn't just a plain aul tinted moisturiser was one the greatest days in our beauty-loving lives and thankfully that day keeps on repeating itself with the invention of BB cream, CC cream and now DD cream. 

BB creams are what we grab when our skin already looks great but we just want to put on a little something-something.  BB creams aka Beauty Balms have a lighter-to-medium weight than a typical foundation. It differs from a tinted moisturizer as not only does it hydrate your skin and offer a sheer coverage but it'll also include antioxidants, blurring powers and SPF.

CC creams are what we grab when our skin is a bit more red than usual or our skin tone is a little uneven or we picked at a spot too much and now it's angry. CC creams aka Colour Correcting creams contain ingredients that focus more on blurring your complexion and reducing any discolouration.  

Now, we're grabbing DD creams - always. DD creams aka Daily Defence creams do what it says on the tin, they defend you from the day to day. They tend to have more of a BB cream vibe about them when it comes to coverage as it gives off more of a subtle glow than it does correct your face. You need it in your life because not only is it a nice alternative to foundation but it also helps act against ageing as well as protecting your skin from pollution and blue light.

Why You Need DD Cream:

DD Creams work great no matter what your beauty buzz is.

Love a full glam face every day? Pop a light layer of DD cream before you apply your foundation. It'll still do all the good stuff like protecting your skin from blue light and pollution but it'll also give you a much smoother base so your foundation will glide on flawlessly. 

More of a no makeup, makeup kind of girl? DD cream is about to become your BFF. Using a DD cream is the easiest and most beneficial way to create that natural finish. Your imperfections are blurred instantly and your skin is protected from the harmful conditions our skin faces every day. 

Where To Buy:

Urban Protect DD Cream, €32, Casmara Cosmetics @ Eden Beauty Group

DD creams are relatively new to beauty world which means your usual go-to beauty brands mightn't have one. This is where Casmara Cosmetics comes in. Casmara Cosmetics are a Spanish brand that has been in business for over 40 years. They're a brand that's all about coming up with new and innovative skincare products so it's no wonder that their DD cream is great. 

It comes in two shades: light and dark but are designed to naturally match your skin tone once applied and gals, trust us. You need it in your life. 

Check out Eden Beauty Group for more information and products from Casmara Cosmetics. 

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