Peegasms: What are they? Do you need one?

Peegasms: What are they? Do you need one? Getty

Everyone's talking about peegasms, but what the hell are they?

According to the weird-eye-wonderful internet, a 'peegasm' is the intense feeling of relief you get after holding your pee for as long as possible and then finally going to the toilet.

Say what? We can all appreciate the seventh heaven feeling that comes from finally relieving a full bladder after holding it for ages, but does it really compare to a real-life orgasm?

We're not entirely convinced....

We've all been there. One too many coffees, or the litre of water you gulped down after Spin class. Your bladder way past capacity and you’re stuck in a meeting/on public transport/in a traffic jam... whatever the reality, you NEED to pee, but it's just not an option. 

Finally, you get to a loo and well, it's bliss. The sense of relief feels good. So good. A little too good. Enter the 'peegasm'. 

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What the hell is a Peegasm?

A 'peegasm' is the intense feeling of relief you get after holding your pee for as long as possible and then finally going to the toilet. There's a whole Reddit thread dedicated to the phenomenon, which was kicked off by a guy explaining that his girlfriend holds in her wee for as long as possible because, when she eventually does have a wee, she gets an orgasm so intense that she feels it "all the way up her spine to her head" and that "leave her lightheaded and off balance". Even more so 'if she does kegels while peeing'. 

Others attest to having similar experiences. “I call them the shivers because they’re not quite orgasmic in my opinion but close enough,” another user comments.

The Biology Bit 

Turns out there is some scientific reasoning behind this weird trend, and it comes from the fact that the clitoris, vagina, and urethra (which connects to the bladder) are located in very close proximity. A full bladder can put pressure on some of the more sensitive and arousing parts of the genitalia, such as the clitoris. 

Another example of the link between needing to pee and sexual pleasure might be women reporting sleep orgasms that occurred when they had full bladders.

The Downsides 

As every woman ever might expect though, getting your O while peeing isn't as easy or as universal as the Reddit thread might suggest. Or as harmless either. There are health risks involved with delaying going to the toilet such as stretching your bladder and doing long-term damage the kidneys. Holding in your wee too can trigger urine infections or UTIs, and anyone who has suffered a bout of cystitis will know that there is nothing remotely sexy about it.

At U, we're not ones to judge and 'hey, you do you girl!'. But, if you can't rely on a bedfellow to give you the pleasure that you need, there are other alternatives out there that don't guarantee incontinence in later years. 

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