Are you doing stupid things on Tinder?! That\'s probably why you\'re not getting dates.

Are you doing stupid things on Tinder?! That's probably why you're not getting dates. IMAGE: Getty

Internet dating is grim enough without making it more difficult on yourself by doing stupid things. Maybe you are a troll and will never find love, or maybe you just need to stop doing these six things when you're on Tinder.

Oh Tinder, how you kill us. You're both the source of all our agony and joy and a habit we just can't break. Cos God knows we can't go and talk to boys IRL. 

Use a mirror selfie

We get it's harsh but realistically your main profile pic is what's going to attract people initially, so it needs to be a good one. Which means big natural smiles and no stupid faces. You might think you look cute with your tongue sticking out, the majority of matches think no. Same for mirror selfies, duck faces, and 'fun' filters. It's also worth remembering that 81% of Tinder users have four or more pics on their profiles, so you might want to throw up a second or third option. 

Play the long game 

This isn't like fancying someone in your office and playing the long game to entertain yourself. To cut to the chase if you're stalling on meeting up your match is going to get bored and go find some action elsewhere. The reality of the situation is that apps have made it super easy to find a date and so we don't put up with the shit we once did. Food in their teeth? We're out of there. No spark after one drink? Get the bill and go meet the girls. Our attention spans are short so move fast. 

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Look miserable 

You think you look thin and like a French Insta star, they think you look like minus craic and are going to keep swiping left. Without setting feminism back a million years, we dress for other girls which is grand. But, what other girls find stylish and gorgeous is seldom what attracts the menfolk, so no pouting or angular selfies. Be yourself 

Wear sunglasses 

This stands to reason. If every pic is of you wearing sunglasses people are going to wonder what you're hiding. Likewise for those with coy smiles, what's going on in your mouth there pal??

Say hello 

We know it's a pain in the hole but trying to come up with a personalized message will get you oodles more attention than a general how are you. We're all about the gifs in U HQ. Plus you can be WAY cockier than you are in real life. Like how do you sum this up in a message?

Use a gym pic, family pic or kid pic

Do we need to spell out why for these? 

And finally 

For any menfolk reading this, a 'gorgeous pics x' message is going to get you deleted real smart. K? 

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