Mango getting it so right

Mango getting it so right

Want to know what the U team are investing in? Take a look at what's taken our fancy this week.

It's payday in U towers so our spending problem has kicked it up a notch. Endless ASOS deliveries and lunch time shopping trips have ensued and this is the best of the bunch. 

Faye, Deputy Editor

I'm not a big blazer person - they don't generally look all that great on me. But I loved this as soon as I saw it and in a nice twist of fate it wasn't hideous on me. Full disclosure - that's not me in the picture. I don't look that good in it. 

€69.95, Mango

Amy, Staff Editor

I’ve become obsessed with slightly-retro, belted swimwear of late, and this one from Maiyo ticks all of my boxes! It’s cute and not totally unpractical…. everything is lined too, which helps it's hold and coverage once things get wet. Need to invest before my next hol, for sure! 

€101, Maiyo

Brenda, Senior Staff Editor

I’m trying to get over my fear of white t-shirts (I’m guaranteed to spill something down them). This cute H&M one is cheap enough that if I do wreck it with a waylaid coffee it won’t hurt too much.

€9.99, H&M

Aisling, Editor

This t-shirt is the best thing I’ve come across since the repeal jumper. End of.



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