The Ganni skirt we need

The Ganni skirt we need

What we can't live without this week.

We love shopping almost as much as we love our mams. It seems there's always something new to get us excited and we want it all. Unfortunately our bank balances aren't as healthy as we'd like so we have to manage our expectations somewhat. Here's what's actually made the cut this week though. 

Amy, Staff Editor

I’m still as obsessed with this Ganni skirt as I was when Spring first sprung! Really wish I had just saved my pennies and bought it… I’ve tried a few of high street takes, but none of them compare to this silk babe. 

€349, Ganni @ Brown Thomas

Brenda, Staff Editor

I'm loving everything from SØSTRENE GRENE at the moment. This will probably immediately fall off my wall, due to the amounts of things I want to put on it, but it’s fab.

€41.90, Sostrene Grene

Faye, Deputy Editor

I'll always have a special place in my heart for Marc Jacobs bags and this baby pink one is my latest obsession. I keep going into Brown Thomas just to pet it. A few more weeks and it will be mine!

€330, Marc Jacobs @ Brown Thomas

Aisling, Editor

Obvs I’ve ended up buying this dress but I think it’s a good investment, perfect for work, after work drinks and weekend BBQs. Just be mindful if you’ve big boobs like me, you’re going to show a WHOLE lot. But hey, why hide your light under a bush!

€54, M&S


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