This is like a hug for your frazzled nerves

This is like a hug for your frazzled nerves

When adulting is too hard, ostrich for a few hours in a Hallmark drama. Don't know what we're talking about? Read on and you soon will!

Life is hard. You have to hold down a job, hold down relationships, try to exercise, try to drink water and try to be stylish. Some days it's just too much. And on those days we like to ostrich about adulting and hide behind some easy viewing drama. Ideally a Hallmark option on Netflix. 

What's a Hallmark option?

Well, you know how Hallmark make soppy cards for occasions? Well they also make TV dramas and movies for their own network, some of which have migrated over to Netflix. And they are GLORIOUS!

Think small towns, lovely people, romantic tensions and problems no more serious than a shoplifting child or mild financial concerns. Basically, in Hallmark land there's nothing can't be solved, people are generally lovely and everything works out just dandy in the end. 

They generally follow a format just changing the scenarios but much like magic, if you think about it too much you just ruin it for yourself. 

And you'll always recognise one of the actors, just FYI. 

Do you want in?

Course you do! For a fearful Sunday there's nothing better. So here's our three favourites streaming on Netflix right now. And be warned, it takes three episodes to be reeled in. 

When Calls The Heart

Oh what joy this brings! Set in Canada at the turn of the 1900s, Elizabeth Thatcher is a teacher who leaves the big city to take up a post in Coal Valley, a frontier mining town. 

She struggles with all sorts of drama like washing her own clothes, getting used to the dirty and fighting with Jack, the local Mountie. But does she fight with Jack a little too much?! Course she does, but only cos she LOVES him. 

This is like catnip for the Sunday fear. The townspeople are lovely, there's just enough drama to keep it interesting and Aunt Beccy from Full House is in it.

As soon as Elizabeth convinced a little mute boy to start talking again we were hooked!

Good Witch 

Cassie is a young and good-looking widow struggling to rear her teenage children in Middleton, a small town on the outskirts of New York. She runs a shop and a B&B and seems to be Middleton's Medicine Woman, with an alternative cure and an insightful quote for everyone. 

Until a handsome doctor moves from the big city to the house next door. He dismisses everything scientific but soon finds himself coming around to Cassie's ways. Throw in some teenage angst, a meddling mayor and some truly terrible theme music and you have a recipe for success. 

We love it, mostly cos it's like Sabrina for grown ups. 

Chesapeake Shores

Abby O'Brien has a lot on her plate. A divorce, a career and two daughters mean she seldom makes it back to her hometown and gives the place even less thought. Until her sister rings her begging for her help to try and stop their father's inn from foreclosure.

So back to Chesapeake Shores does Abby run, and ends up facing up to her estranged family and the first love she abandoned 16 years ago. And then her mother shows up. 

This is like a pg Dallas. And is glorious! AND the handsome gardener from Desperate Housewives is in it. 


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