Wedding dresses at the ready!

Wedding dresses at the ready!

Does your New Year’s resolution list look a bit like this; gym more, drink more water, go on more dates? Well, with regards to the latter, the time is nigh to dig out your fail-safe 'jeans and a nice top' combo, because, statistically, the day when you're likely to go on your most successful date is fast approaching! 

Between still being full from Christmas' excesses and the barrage of seasonal engagement announcements, you might well be considering both a dry and celibate January, but we have good news, fellow Singletons.

This Sunday, 6 Jan, has been coined as 'Dating Sunday', a.k.a the busiest day for dating apps, by both Match and Tinder alike. On Tinder, it's understood that more than 44 million matches were made on this day last year, which is impressive when you compare it to a typical day on the app's 26 million matches. Match predicts there will be a 69 percent spike in new singles coming to the app, over 1.5 million messages will be sent, and the peak time to connect will be at 9:05 p.m. We're taking notes, are you?

As a result of the increased interest and sparky connections made on Dating Sunday, Match has marked Friday, 11 Jan, as 'First Date Friday' in their calendar. This is the night that it is predicted most potential singles who match on the previous Sunday will meet up in real life and here's hoping, hit it off. (See outfit ideas here.)

But why January, of all months, we ask? 

Experts in the field (obs not us) say it has to do with people wanting a fresh start and try as we might to think otherwise, January seems likes the right time to shake off any ghosts of relationships past and give something/someone new a try. 

Once New Year’s Eve's celebrations die down and the Christmas festivities are over, people are ready to embrace a new beginning, get back into the dating game and kickstart some active romancing.

New Year, New Significant Other

So, in light of new beginnings and once you've shaken off your back-to-work blues, maybe take the opportunity to update your online profile and bank a few good conversation starters. Who knows, with any luck, this could be the last Dating Sunday you'll ever have! 

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