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Spoiler: Dublin doesn't make the cut

Yes, we know travelling is supposed to be all about experiencing other cultures, broadening your horizons and discovering a new you but did you even go away if you didn't post a pic to the 'gram?

While most #travelgoals consist of exotic beach pics, it turns out there's actually a tonne of 'grammable locations not too far away from home. 

According to a study conducted HomeToGo, London is the most Instagrammed city in Europe. The holiday rental site compiled a list of the top 15 cities in Europe which have the most hashtags making them the most Instagrammed city.

Top of the list was London which amassed just under 120 million hashtags in 2018 alone making it the most 'grammable city in Europe. 

In second place was Paris who was just shy of 101 million hashtags. However, the French capital did take home in the gold for hosting the most Instagrammed landmark in Europe. Surprisingly, it wasn't the Eiffel Tower. In fact, it was the Notre-Dame Cathedral which received 1.9 million hashtags, therefore, making it the most 'grammable backdrop in Europe.  

As for where Dublin comes into the mix...yeah, we sadly didn't make the cut. Amsterdam (which was the most searched for city on the social media platform), Barcelona, Rome and Berlin were just some of the cities that beat us to it. 

So next time you're deciding on where to go in Europe or to make your feed more 'grammable, visit the places on this list:

1. London (119.9m hashtags)

2. Paris (100.8m hashtags)

3. Barcelona (47.4m hashtags)

4. Rome (44.8m hashtags)

5. Berlin (36.1m hashtags)

6. Madrid (31.2m hashtags)

7. Amsterdam (26.7m hashtags)

8. Lisbon (17.7m hashtags)

9. Hamburg (15.3m hashtags)

10. Valencia (14.1m hashtags)

11. Odessa (6.3m hashtags)

12. Malaga (4.5m hashtags)

13. Benidorm (1.1m hashtags)

14. Nice (0.4m hashtags)

15. Bibione (0.2m hashtags)

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