Share the experience this Christmas

From Kylie in ‘91 to Slane in ‘98 and Witness in ‘03 to Bruce in ‘13 there are very few milestones in my life that aren’t linked in some way to concerts – I’ve never been one who could carry off the word gig. I’ve slept outside a Ticketmaster store overnight for tickets (U2 in Slane), been amazed when Christmas presents turned out to be tickets for long sold out shows (Oasis in ‘96) and even more amazed when I’ve got surprise tickets to see absolute legends who then went and died a few weeks later – James Brown I’m looking at you! And every single time I hear somebody talk about those shows or hear a well known song I’m brought back to exactly where I was, what I was wearing, where we went for drinks and what was going on in my life at that time – mostly who I fancied!

Although I look 27 (ahem!) I’m from a generation who grew up without the luxury of being able to buy tickets online, which means every time I secure longed for tickets from the comfort of my bed I scream a little inside. And don’t get me started on the geniusness of the Ticketmaster app – which is so easy I’ve even bought tickets on the bus (Ocean Colour Scene earlier this week). I’m also from a generation who didn’t always have the luxury of electronic tickets, meaning I’ve lost tickets to sold out shows and had to sit in a pub with my mates all shouting at me while I try to pretend it’s not big a deal be missing out on the action. Those tickets were for a Paul Simon show by the by.

Because let’s face it there is no better feeling then joining hundreds or thousands, or sometimes tens, of people all crammed into a venue for one purpose and one purpose only, to experience a live show. Now that I’m a little bit older, it’s not just concerts that get my motor running, comedy shows, plays, musicals (always the musicals) and even live interviews get me just as excited as those big festivals. The fear of not getting tickets, the relief when you do, the excitement in the run up to it, the sheer joy during and the hours spent discussing afterwards. It’s not just the show that you experience, somehow everything that comes with it all combines to make a memory unlike any other – a memory that’s specific to certain point in your life. And isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

And yes, I do keep all my tickets. Even the one for Wet Wet Wet in 94!

So, if you want to create some of your own memories with Ticketmaster we have a €100 gift card to give one lucky person every week till Christmas. Tag your plus one and tell us what show you’re most excited about in 2017 using the hashtag #TMGetsMeIn.

A winner will be announced every Friday!