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Time poor? We know, who isn’t? Somewhat of a stupid question, but with almost every aspect of modern life now calling for some element of multitasking, it’s no wonder interest in the latest trend of combination classes has increased. These workout cult-collaborations that can improve strength, power, and endurance, on the double.


The first collaboration up is probably the most polarised, in that the personal-best orientated running folk couldn’t be further from super zen yogis, but in terms of how the workouts complement each other, they’re a perfect match. Running is a repetitive action and while it’s almost unrivaled when it comes to the endorphin release, the ever-present pounding can cause hip flexors, hamstrings and quad muscles to tighten up. Enter the practice of yoga, in all of its lengthening and loosening glory. The yang to running’s ying, yoga’s ideal for stretching out tight muscles and activating supporting ligaments for fewer injuries. The focus on breathing during yoga practice works to improve the lung function that will undoubtedly be called into action, as you clock up those last few kilometres.

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The popularity of aggression-busting workouts is soaring, especially since the other-worldly Victoria’s Secret angels started boasting about the benefits of incorporating some ring time into their fitness regimes. If their svelte bodies aren’t enough to convince you, spare a thought for your peace of mind instead. As punching people in the face is frowned upon in most cases, boxing workouts are a healthy way to release any pent-up aggression and relieve stress through a productive outlet. So, in the spirit of bettering your sweat sessions, try bookending training with dedicated five-minute meditations, to get you in tune with your body and to set pre and post workout intentions.

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Cardio used to be the last word when it came to toning up and, while incorporating some high-intensity exercise is important for a healthy heart, to truly optimize a workout, there’s no avoiding weight-training. Fast tempo classes such as Spin and Zumba are great for burning calories and overall fitness, but if seeing more dramatic results is your end game, lifting weights will work wonders for waist definition, toned legs, and sculpted arms. Without some form of resistance training to challenge these muscle groups, getting a lean physique just isn’t feasible. Forget any preconceived notions of bulking up, building enough muscle mass to look buff will not happen by accident, believe us. It’s damn hard-earned.

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For some, the mere mention of the ‘c’ word conjures up ideas of massive, muscly brutes only concerned with maximum gains, but be assured, those who bow at the altar of Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai (the founders of the CrossFit fitness regimen), have a softer side too. As well as requiring insane strength, CrossFit followers need to maintain a degree of flexibility and agility, essential for the calisthenics discipline within the sport. Recently, the CrossFit religion has come into some controversy for allegedly causing unnecessary injuries, but, as can be said of all exercise, injury can be prevented via proper form. If practiced with consistency, Pilates builds core strength and develops control, as it puts emphasis on alignment, coordination, and balance. 

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High-intensity interval training is hard. Hard to motivate yourself to do and even harder on the body. Both mentally and physically challenging, HIIT workouts push you right to your limit via intense bursts of squats, sprints, and burpees, done at maximum speed. Definitely not a workout for the faint-hearted, though the rewards you’ll reap afterward will certainly make it worth the sweat and pain. On the flip side, there’s equally a case for the low impact nature of swimming, which, due to water-resistance combined with an increased demand on heart and lungs, makes it almost doubly as effective in terms of cardiovascular output and calorie burn, as a land-based workout.

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