Photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash

Photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash

Office straw polls at U HQ are usually pretty varied and rarely ever come up with any definitive yes/no answers... except this one. What started out as a floor-wide vote on acceptable first date suggestions, quickly turned into the ultimate list of the official worst places to go on a first date. 

It was Shakespeare that wrote that “The course of true love never did run smooth”, and that'll certainly be your fate if your first date is in/at any of these.

The Cinema

Won't come as news to any serial first date-ers, but going to the cinema topped our '10/10, Would Not Recommend' list. The whole point of a date is getting to know the other person and watching a movie, in total silence, isn't exactly conducive to that idea. If we wanted to sit beside people and not talk, we'd have just gone back to our parents' house.

A Comedy Show

Comedy tastes can be as polarising at political views, and whether you're a Trump supporter or not, if you enjoy Mrs.Browne or Louis C.K., we're done. Also, god forbid you get seated at the front, hot stage lights shining down and the 'We're On A First Date' stamped across your foreheads – you're both asking to be Stand-Up prey. 


Everything is so small. And expensive. Neither of which are turn-ons, in our humble opinions. Then, there's also the sharing aspect – the concept on which the entire style of cuisine was built. You want a taste of my dishes? Sure, be my guest, I’ll even create the perfect forkful for you. But after that one bite, you’re banned, soz. 

Anywhere Too Loud

Look, let's be real – we're not getting any younger and while music still rates high on our lists of interests, anything too loud in an enclosed space just becomes annoying. Be it an over-enthusiastic cover band or a much-too-mobbed crowd, we want to devote our attention to our date, not trying to hear ourselves think. 

Anything To High-Brow 

Hey, we like art and museums as much as the next girl, but stark white walls and sharing awkward silences with tourists isn't what we want from a first date. We appreciate that you were trying to communicate the extent of your wokeness, but there's just too many potential pitfalls – a cosy, old-man pub and a fancy G&T and we're anyone's.

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